Peloton releases Heart Rate Band for your forearm

Forearm-mounted HRM adds to Peloton's burgeoning range.

Known for its range of stationary bikes, treadmills and fitness equipment, Peloton yesterday augmented its accessories range with the Heart Rate Band, priced at $90, and naturally designed to work with other Peloton products.

Heart Rate Band differs from in-market, chest-worn Heart Rate Monitor by featuring easy-to-read heart rate zones based on a five-LED activity level. Designed to be worn on the forearm at, Peloton says, three fingers below the elbow, it is available in two sizes – small (19-27cm) and large (27-34cm).

Like many monitors, the Heart Rate Band uses optical sensors, though we expect it to be more accurate than wrist-worn devices as it resides further up the arm. Communicating with compatible Peloton devices via Bluetooth, it will work with a plethora of third-party apps, but be warned, it is not compatible with ANT+, used by serious fitness devices.

No indication is given on battery length, suffice to say it will last multiple workouts. Though not a surprise as rumblings of its existence were present last summer, our biggest gripe is price. At $90/£80, it is far dearer than the Heart Rate Monitor’s $34 asking fee, and rivals the pricing for reasonably decent smartwatches with baked-in optical HRM support.

The at-a-glance indicators are useful for those getting into measurement-based fitness, to ensure they’re in the correct heart-rate zone, yet it would have been cooler to see a three-digit LED detailing the exact heart rate.