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Arguably the classiest GeForce RTX 4080, but be warned, MSI's finest doesn't come cheap.
Palit adds a sprinkling of extra frequency and a good amount of glitz to the speedy GeForce RTX 4080.
Corsair K70 Pro OPX review: 8,000Hz polling and optical switches for serious gamers.
Another fine example of Raptor Lake prowess on the desktop, Core i7-13700K makes all previous i9s redundant.
Following in the footsteps of mega-fast RTX 4090, Nvidia's second-rung GeForce is put to the test. Here are the benchmarks you've been waiting for.
Need another reason to continue working from home? An ultrawide monitor with built-in webcam could be just the excuse.
192 cores, 384 threads and 1.5TB DDR5 memory - these are benchmarks that will blow your mind.
Building on the last generation, Ryzen 5 7600X is a fine gaming CPU.
Simple yet comfortable, the refreshed Katar Elite Wireless offers high performance without cable clutter.
A superb processor in every regard, Core i5-13600K is our current pick of the Raptor Lake bunch.
When in doubt, bring more cores and threads to the performance table.
A mighty GPU deserves a strapping cooler. Venerable Gaming X Trio is more than capable.

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