Razer seeks to transform devices with all-encompassing Razer Skins range

Skinny dipping.

Razer Skins Hero Image

Razer now offers a range of new custom skins in varying designs, precision cut to fit a range of devices from laptops, consoles, handhelds, and peripherals. Watch out, Dbrand, there’s a new skin-slinger in town.

For starters, the Razer Skins collection are made of high-quality 3M vinyl, measuring only 0.089mm thick, and comes in a variety of colours and styles that include pearlescent tones, military-ready camo, techno-styled geometric patterns, and, of course, carbon fibre.

Razer Laptops

Naturally, the range covers (excuse the pun) a wide variety of the company’s very own products. These include Razer Blade laptops, the Razer Edge – the maker’s Android-based cloud gaming handheld – and the Razer Kishi line, a custom Switch-style controller for your smartphone.

That’s not all, mind you, as the range also extends to third-party devices including the Valve Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles and their respective controllers, as well as Apple MacBooks. Razer has them all.

Razer Skins Consoles

In terms of durability, Razer says it protects against minor scuffs and scratches. The answer is no, that’s not an invitation to go dropping devices down a flight of stairs. More importantly, they reportedly can also handle “rigorous temperatures.” We hope this means the skins will be relatively easy to remove once you grow tired of a particular look or opt to resell, because heat-infused adhesive can be a nightmare to remove.

Razer Skins are currently available to purchase in the US and Canada, while select countries in Asia Pacific and Europe can expect the product to arrive later this year.

As such, here’s a short list of US pricing:

  • Laptops including Blades and MacBooks from $24.99 USD 
  • Consoles including Steam Deck and Xbox from $34.99 USD  
  • Mobile including Kishi and Edge from $19.99 USD 
Razer Skins Handheld