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Nvidia RTX 500 GPU will power AI laptops.

Nvidia announces RTX 500 and 1000 GPUs for AI laptops

AI is coming to Nvidia laptop GPUs, and it could very well boost power and performance if Team Green's estimates are right.
Intel AI Manufacturing

Intel is gearing up to be the world’s AI foundry

Intel is keen on opening up business to everyone interested in leading-edge silicon.
Terminator T1000s guarding Nvidia Voyager HQ exterior.

Nvidia gets AI to create AI GPUs and this is how we get Terminator

Nvidia has quite literally armed its AI model with exclusive knowledge on how to build and improve on itself. Slight scary isn't it?
The AMD Ryzen 8040 Series exemplified with an AI badge.

Here is how AMD Ryzen 8040 Series mobile APUs put AI first

AMD announces the next raft of mobile Ryzen CPUs. AI is very much on the front foot as the Xilinx XDNA NPU takes centre stage.
Nvidia H100 DGX Superpod system render.

Nvidia sold 500,000 AI GPUs, Meta and Microsoft purchased most

Nvidia sets new record high for Q3 2023, selling 500,000 A100 and H100 GPUs.
The Intel Inside logo from 2003, with the acronym 'AI' replacing Intel.

Intel wants 100 million AI PCs by 2025, and they come with benefits

Intel AI PCs are on the way, and there'll be 100 million by 2025.
Cyberpunk 2077's doctor Viktor Vektor holding a computer tablet.

CDPR uses AI to replace late Cyberpunk 2077 voice actor

Cyberpunk 2077's Viktor Vektor returns with AI replicating the original voice actor's vocals.
The Microsoft logo sits on top of a CPU chip

Microsoft may challenge Nvidia with its own AI chip next month 

Microsoft might soon go head-to-head with Nvidia with its own AI chip.
Grand Theft Auto V police officers

Grand Theft Auto V feels much more realistic thanks to AI-powered NPCs

Modder added AI to GTA V bots and the results are impressive.
GPT-4 eyes

GPT-4 AI can see the world with its own eyes using a phone

GPT-4 becomes a useful daily assistant when allowed to see and search the Internet.
AI generated

Discord goes all-in on AI experiences

Discord to add auto-moderation, avatar customisation, and conversation summaries using AI.
AI processing

UNESCO members adopt global agreement on ethics and AI

Dangers of some practical AI applications already all too apparent, reckons UN body.

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