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half price Office

Microsoft tempts Office suite pirates with 50 per cent discount

Should software pirates get a discount to upgrade to legit software?
Alder Lake

Intel whittles down list of ADL-incompatible games to just three titles

Denuvo DRM gaming issues with Alder Lake almost banished.
Notepad icon

Windows 11 Notepad gets dark mode, multi-level undo and more

Good news for Windows dark mode aficionados, probably.
Windows 11

Microsoft to focus on Windows 11 performance optimisations in 2022

Have you been happy with Windows 11 performance? Microsoft says it has plenty of optimisations in store.
MS Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator GOTY update on PC adds DX12 option

DirectX 12 can deliver worthwhile performance uplifts, depending on your system.
Windows on Arm

Microsoft skips x64 emulation for Windows 10 on Arm

Last December's Microsoft blog post about x64 emulation for Windows 10 on Arm has been edited.
Edge browser

Microsoft explains Windows 11 “EdgeDeflector” app functionality blockade

Last week's Windows 11 Insider builds removed EdgeDeflector functionality, now we know why.

Meta and Microsoft to integrate Workplace and Teams

Overlapping hybrid working and collaboration apps offer integrations for the common good.

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