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Cooling an i9 with a 8lb block of copper

Turns out you can (briefly) cool a Core i9 processor with an 8lb copper...

Some light Friday entertainment as Reddit user passively cools an i9 CPU with a huge chunk of copper.

Run out of thermal paste? Ketchup might tide you over, toothpaste not so much

Fun testing reveals inevitable truth; kitchen condiments are no replacement for proper thermal paste.
RTX 2060 Liquid Metal damage

Modders beware: liquid metal isn’t always the best choice for GPU cooling

Contemplating a liquid metal upgrade for your prized GPU? This user's experience may leave you thinking twice.
DIY PS5 Slim

This DIY liquid-cooled PS5 Slim is the mod of your dreams

Fed up of PS5's gargantuan size? One modder has taken matters into his own hands, with mind-blowing results.

GDDR6X memory copper mod improves temperatures by 46°C

YouTuber DandyWorks lowered his graphics card VRAM temps by 46°C using copper shims.

Biostar’s Racing Z690GTA-V8 is the ultimate casemod for petrolheads

For tech enthusiasts and car aficionados, this particular V8 is a work of art.
Asus GeForce RTX 2060 Turbo

Asus GeForce RTX 2060 boosted to 12GB VRAM by modder

Benchmarks show the mod works fine, but we will have to wait for real-world gaming tests.

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