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Like A Dragon x MSI

Some MSI motherboards bundle new GTA-like Yakuza game

MSI offers exclusive Yakuza spin-off Like a Dragon Gaiden bundle with Z790 Max Series gaming motherboards, so you can get your GTA-like on.
MSI B650M and B760M Project Zero motherboards

Hide your cables with MSI’s Project Zero motherboards

MSI’s B650M and B760M Project Zero put power cables on the back.
ASRock WRX90 and TRX50 Motherboards Threadripper 7000 CPUs

ASRock WRX90 and TRX50 motherboards let you use terabytes of RAM

ASRock offers high PCIe count on Threadripper 7000-compatible boards
Gigabyte X670E Aorus Pro X motherboard for AMD Zen 4 CPUs

Gigabyte releases the X670E Aorus Pro X with an internal HDMI Port

Gigabyte offers a white X670E motherboard with dual Gen 5 M.2 slots.
MaxSun iCraft Z790 white motherboard

MaxSun’s white MS-iCraft Z790 motherboard wants a place in your winter-themed build

White components don't necessarily help lower temperatures, but they absolutely do look cool.
Gigabyte Cover Art

Gigabyte preps for Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh with Z790 X Gen motherboard...

Gigabyte unveils five Z790 X Gen motherboards bolstered for Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh.
MaxSun B760M Terminator motherboard

£90 MaxSun Intel B760M Terminator motherboard offers super-fast DDR5-8000 support

MaxSun brings high-speed memory support to the masses with the B760M Terminator.
Colorfire B760M MEOW cat themed motherboard

Colorfire tries to seduce cat lovers again, this time with the B760M Meow motherboard

Colorfire releases B760M Meow motherboard, representing another cat-themed product for your collection.
MSI B650M Project Zero motherboard with connectors on the back

MSI launches B650M Project Zero motherboard with rear-mounted connectors

MSI offers B650M Project Zero mATX board with hidden cables for AMD’s AM5 platform.
ASRock Taichi Lite series of motherboard featuring only the important hardware bit

ASRock’s lovely Taichi boards receive a ‘Lite’ makeover for both AMD and Intel chipsets

ASRock launches Z790 Taichi Lite and B650E Taichi Lite motherboards, cutting away extra features for a more aggressive price point.
Gigabyte Z790 Motherboards showcased inside a cave call with light shining behind them

Gigabyte’s upcoming motherboard refresh leaked via EEC filings showing AM5 and LGA1700 models

Gigabyte is refreshing its motherboard roster with new Pioneer and Arctic models.
ASRock, Asus, and Gigabyte BIOS Update

Motherboard manufacturers begin releasing BIOS updates for Intel next-gen 14th Gen Core CPUs

ASRock, Asus, and Gigabyte publish BIOSes for Intel Raptor Lake refresh processors.

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