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MSI Project Zero motherboard with CAMM 2 RAM.

MSI wants your PC to look even cleaner thanks to CAMM 2 RAM

MSI is ditching full-size DDR5 modules for the newer CAMM 2 format on its Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard.
Gigabyte Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard.

Gigabyte Z890 motherboards tease AI features for Intel CPUs

Gigabyte is planning several Z890 Aorus motherboards for next-gen Intel Arrow Lake-S processors and it looks like AI is a prominent feature.
Intel Core i9-13900K with a red filter over it.

Intel suggests you avoid the baseline profiles on i9 CPUs

Intel denies suggesting baseline profiles to fix i9 CPU stability issues, instead claiming motherboard manufacturers misunderstood the task.
Weak Intel Core i9-14900K CPU.

Gigabyte Baseline BIOS setting tanks Intel’s Core i9 performance

Intel's Baseline mode on Gigabyte beta BIOS shows a massive performance reduction, transforming an i9 into an i7.
AMD AM5 Socket

AMD is cooking up a new Ryzen CPU platform that may come sooner than you...

An MC Extractor GitHub repository references all-new AM5+ socket, as well as two possible AMD Zen 5 Granite Ridge CPUs.
MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk WiFi motherboard issues are finally coming to an end.

MSI Z790 motherboards are cracking but you can get a replacement

MSI acknowledges an error in its Z790 motherboard design that leads to faulty motherboards and is finally replacing them.
What is USB4?

What is USB4?

Find out everything you need to know about USB4, from the standard's long history to how the cable can help you.
MSI Project Zero motherboards go hard on hiding cables.

MSI waves goodbye to cable clutter with Project Zero motherboards

MSI is moving forward with its Project Zero motherboards, planning a couple of models for AMD and Intel mid/high-end chipsets.
ASRock WRX90 WS Evo motherboard supporting Threadripper Pro 7995WX chip.

Hands on with the monster ASRock WRX90 WS Evo AMD Threadripper Pro WX motherboard

Got near-unlimited budget for a dream workstation PC? Look no further than the ASRock WRX90 WS Pro motherboard.
Montage of Core i7-14700K, GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, Fractal Terra and DeepCool LT720WH.

Best PC components of 2023: our top picks for upgrading your rig

You simply cannot go wrong if you follow our guide and choose one of many great components that debuted this year.
256GB of DDR5 RAM in front of a consumer-grade motherboard.

ASRock and MSI motherboards now support 256GB of RAM

ASRock and MSI consumer-grade motherboards can now pack as much as 256GB of RAM in their DDR5 UDIMM slots.
Asus ProArt B650 Creator motherboard.

Asus AGESA BIOS update supposedly improves AM5 performance

AMD AGESA Beta BIOS update adds new AM5 CPU support and improves performance on Asus X670 and B650 motherboards.

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