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Like A Dragon x MSI

Some MSI motherboards bundle new GTA-like Yakuza game

MSI offers exclusive Yakuza spin-off Like a Dragon Gaiden bundle with Z790 Max Series gaming motherboards, so you can get your GTA-like on.
MSI new 175Hz QD-OLED gaming monitors

MSI’s new QD-OLED gaming monitors are a feast for your eyes

MSI expands its QD-OLED gaming monitors lineup.
MSI B650M and B760M Project Zero motherboards

Hide your cables with MSI’s Project Zero motherboards

MSI’s B650M and B760M Project Zero put power cables on the back.
MSI RTX 4060 Gaming MLG Edition red and black dual-fan graphics card

Get a Dragon Princess figurine with MSI’s RTX 4060 Gaming MLG

MSI releases RTX 4060 Gaming MLG edition on Chinese market.

MSI MAG 274UPF review – 4K 144Hz esports gaming monitor

Small in stature and big on resolution, MSI's latest 27in monitor urges pro gamers to make the switch to 4K UHD.
MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360

MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360 AIO review: top-notch cooling without the fuss

Simple to install, quiet at low speed, tames a Core i9-13900K. CoreLiquid E360 ticks the right boxes, and yes, it comes in black or white.
Monster Hunter Capcom x MSI

MSI and Capcom join forces to bring limited-run Monster Hunter peripherals

MSI and Capcom announce they will bring Monster Hunter-inspired peripherals and components to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary.
MSI MPG Gungnir 300R Airflow

MSI’s Gungnir 300P chassis is all about vertical graphics card configurations

A bundled PCIe riser cable and three targeted fans to streamline vertical graphics card installation.
MSI MAG Coreliquid E liquid coolers

MSI launches MAG Coreliquid E liquid CPU coolers in 240mm and 360mm formats

MSI unveils new-and-improved MAG Coreliquid E AIO liquid coolers for AM5 and LGA1700.
MSI BIOS updates

MSI releases BIOS fixes for ‘Unsupported Processor’ BSOD error message on Intel 700 and...

MSI updates Intel 700 and 600 Series motherboards’ BIOS to fix BSOD on Windows machines.
MSI B650M Project Zero motherboard with connectors on the back

MSI launches B650M Project Zero motherboard with rear-mounted connectors

MSI offers B650M Project Zero mATX board with hidden cables for AMD’s AM5 platform.

MSI AGESA BIOS update adds support for 8,000MT/s DDR5 on AMD motherboards

MSI releases AGESA PI BIOS for AM5 motherboards bringing high memory speeds and capacity.

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