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Steam Deck 2 specs leak, but we'd prefer more usability.

Forget the Steam Deck 2 specs leak, give me more usability

Steam Deck 2 specs have leaked, but we'd prefer to focus more on usability and efficiency than raw power upgrades.
Valve's Steam Deck Console by Alexander Andrews via Unsplash.

Steam releases 14,000 games in 2023, breaking records

Valve's Steam platform reigns supreme with a new record high of over 14,000 video games released on Steam in 2023.
Steam Deck top vent sniffers should probably stop huffing.

Valve warns Steam Deck players to stop sniffing the exhaust

We know you like sniffing the Steam Deck vent, but Valve says you should probably dial it back a bit just in case.
Valve CEO Gabe Newell meme portrait by Freddre via Deviantart.

Valve CEO required to testify in person at Steam antitrust lawsuit

Valve CEO Gabe Newell has been ordered by the court to testify in person for Steam's upcoming antitrust lawsuit.

Steam Deck OLED is more repairable than the Lenovo Legion Go

iFixit's teardown reveals which of the two handheld gaming PCs is easier to repair, and why.
New Half Life Artwork Featuring Logo and shotgun toting Gordon Freeman.

Half-Life 25th Anniversary update nets you the game for free

Valve debuts Half-Life 25th Anniversary update featuring new game content, bug fixes, and more. Plus, it's free.
The Steam Deck OLED playing a game on screen.

Valve’s Steam Deck now rocks a 90Hz OLED display

The Steam Deck OLED is Valve's refreshed handheld gaming PC with a larger screen, faster refresh rate, and better battery life.
Steam Deck running a 61TB SSD, with a shocked emoji on the screen

Steam Deck gets a 61TB external SSD upgrade

The Steam Deck detects a 61.44TB enterprise SSD.
Counter-Strike 2

Go, go, go! Counter-Strike 2 is now free to play on Steam

Counter-Strike 2 is now available to play, and at this price, it'd be rude not to give it a whirl.
Valve's Steam Deck handheld console

How to get a cheaper Steam Deck from Valve – buy a refurbished model...

Valve is now also selling refurbished Steam Deck handhelds starting at £279.
Steam Deck Handheld

Valve’s hugely popular Steam Deck handheld is up to 20 per cent off until...

Valve’s Steam Deck can be had for as cheap as £314.10 until July 13, but stock might be hard to come by.
Steam Fresh look

Valve treats Steam with a fresh coat of paint and adds notable features in...

Valve brings big changes to its Steam client via a comprehensive update.

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