The Roundup: PUBG birthday news extras

The developers recently announced PUBG: Battlegrounds will go F2P on January 12, 2022.


PUBG: Battlegrounds, also often called PUBG, and previously called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, hit PC Steam Early access in March 2017, before a public release on this day in December 2017. Last week, the developers announced that the game will move to a free-to-play model from January 2022, probably in reaction to the flood of successful copycat titles that have sprung up over recent times.

In essence the PUBG game is a PvP survival shooter, where the last person/team standing wins. The game starts with up to 100 players parachuting into an island map – then the combat begins, with lots of weapons and equipment that can help you discoverable around the map. As time goes on, the playable area of the map contracts, forcing folk out of cover and into conflict, and ramping up excitement among the remaining players.

The PUBG genre has been dubbed “Battle Royale” due to the influence of the year 2000 cult Japanese movie of this name. Over recent years, Epic Games has made a huge fortune out of repurposing its Fortnite game into a Battle Royale title. Other big studios have tried to jump on board, often using their biggest franchise branding to try and spur success.

PC-related news

  • PC monitor volume saw its first contraction since COVID-19 lockdowns began
  • MSI adds AMD Ryzen 5000 Vermeer desktop CPU support to its 300-series motherboards
  • Nvidia Expected to release GeForce RTX 3050 as 4GB and 8GB models
  • Apple M2 processors will be made on TSMC’s 4nm process technology, media report, with 3 versions to launch: M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max
  • Russian developer leaks the Steam Deck’s out-of-box-experience
  • Facebook/Meta is the worst company of the year, Yahoo Finance audience survey finds

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