Alan Wake 2 lead voice actor points toward October release date

Loose lips sink ships...

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake’s voice actor, Mike Porretta, might have just accidently let slip the official release window of Alan Wake 2.

In an episode of the Monsters, Madness and Magic, a YouTube podcast that aired this weekend, the seasoned actor unknowingly revealed, at around the 18-minute mark, what we’ve all come to wonder: “I’ve been working on it. That’s supposed to come out in October,” he said, adding “we’re in the middle of working on it now in fact I was just in Finland last week, that’s where the company is from, Remedy, amazing people.” Alas, Tom Holland, you’ve been bested.

Aside from the little slip, not much else was revealed about the game, even though the host, Justin Young, tried his utmost best to prod the actor on the finer details. As with any major video game or film project, actors and anyone involved in the making of have to sign a strict NDA that prohibits them from unveiling anything to the public.

As for Porretta, we sincerely hope he doesn’t get into too much trouble, seeing as we kind of already knew the game would release this year; we just didn’t have a confirmed date. Remedy CEO, Tero Virtala, announced earlier in February the company’s future roadmap and its plans to release one game each year, starting with Alan Wake 2.

According to Virtala, Alan Wake 2 is currently in full production and is playable from start to finish. All that remains is getting all content in place, then moving on to polishing the experience, which explains Porretta’s trips to Finland, who also happens to be both the voice and likeness of our titular hero.

For now, Remedy Entertainment has kept mum since the news dropped, though there are a host of gaming events including PlayStation’s State of Play summer showcase, Summer Game Fest and Xbox Games Showcase to look forward to, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a proper unveiling within the coming month.

Alan Wake 2 will launch on the Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5 and exclusively on the Epic Game Store for PC, hopefully in October. Can’t wait.