AOC paints 1440p as the new baseline with 23.8in Q24G2A QHD gaming monitor

More pixels, same small size.


AOC has a surprise hit on its hands in the form of the Q24G2A gaming monitor. Initially launched as a China exclusive, the relatively small 23.8in IPS panel touts an increasingly common 2560×1440 QHD resolution and has proved hugely popular among pro gamers in the Asian market.

Hoping to replicate that success across other regions, the monitor is winging its way to stores in the UK and Europe priced at €249, making it one of the most competitive solutions in its class.

Intended specifically for those gamers seeking close-up, fluid gameplay, the IPS panel touts adaptive sync at up to 165Hz alongside a 4ms grey-to-grey response time (1ms MPRT) and brightness rated at 350 nits. Modest specifications in the grand scheme of things, as are integrated 2W stereo speakers and a VESA-compliant stand with height, tilt and swivel adjustment.


What makes the monitor particularly important, however, is the fact it represents a wider shift in gaming consumption. Manufacturers have spent years trying to convince pro gamers to upgrade from ubiquitous 1080p displays, and for the target audience, premium emerging panel technologies such as OLED and Mini LED offer little attraction.

Rather, AOC reckons mass migration will centre around fast, high-resolution 1440p solutions that don’t break the bank, as evidenced by Q24G2A’s early success.

Given the power of latest-generation graphics cards and performance-boosting AI technologies, maintaining over 100 frames per second at a QHD resolution is no longer a hardship, and such credentials are being reflected in shipments. Market share for 1440p monitors has jumped from 23 per cent in 2020 to over 30 per cent today, helped no doubt by official QHD support on Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 consoles.

On PC, increased market share is reflected in Steam’s latest hardware survey, where 2560×1440 is the only resolution to see a huge growth in users, climbing to over 20 per cent for the first time. Expect to see fierce competition in the low-cost 1440p market later this year as QHD becomes the go-to choice for a growing range of gamers. AOC’s Q24G2A lays down a solid marker.