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Asus ROG NUC 2024.

Asus ROG NUC lands this week and it’s pricey

Asus debuts its ROG NUC series with two 2024 models featuring Intel’s Core Ultra CPUs and Nvidia’s RTX 4000 GPUs inside a 2.5L package.
Gigabyte Z790 AORUS XTREME X ICE motherboard.

Gigabyte Z890 motherboards tease AI features for Intel CPUs

Gigabyte is planning several Z890 Aorus motherboards for next-gen Intel Arrow Lake-S processors and it looks like AI is a prominent feature.
InWin ModFree mini chassis.

InWin’s most customisable PC case ever is now available

Build your computer case section by section to fit your exact setup needs with InWin’s ModFree Mini modular series.
Samsung DDR5 RAM.

LPDDR6 is much faster than Samsung’s unreleased LPDDR5X

JEDEC confirms next-gen DDR6 and LPDDR6 memory targets 17.6Gbps and 14.4Gbps transfer speeds alongside other improvements.
Surface Pro Flex Keyboard with Slim Pen.

Microsoft wants to charge you £439 for a keyboard with AI button

Microsoft is charging a surprising amount for an updated Surface Pro Signature Keyboard that integrates a Copilot button.
The "distracted boyfriend" meme with Nvidia looking away from TSMC towards Samsung.

Samsung is courting Nvidia to choose its 3nm node

Samsung is doing all it takes to attract Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs towards its 3nm Gate-All-Around manufacturing node.
Palit GameRock hybrid cooling graphics card.

Palit GameRock graphics card combines air and liquid cooling

Palit announces hybrid cooled GameRock GeForce graphics card, combining the potential of liquid and the reliability of air cooling.
AMD Epyc CPUs.

AMD Zen 6 architecture could offer 32-core desktop CPUs

AMD Zen 6 and Zen 5c architectures may allow up to 192 core processors, with consumer variants maxing at 32 cores.
TCL 1,000Hz display.

TCL showcases the world’s first 4K 1,000Hz panel

Meet the world’s first 1,000Hz LCD display panel from TCL, setting the stage for a new era of smooth motion.
AMD Ryzen CPU for desktop AM5 socket.

AMD may be working on three Zen 6 variants

AMD Zen 6 architecture may feature three different variants built on TSMC’s 2nm node, which could delay its release to 2026.
Gaming handheld with Intel Lunar Lake CPU.

New leak shows Intel hasn’t abandoned gaming handhelds just yet

Intel Lunar Lake processors appear on an 11in gaming handheld, indicating the continuation of the brand presence in this segment.
Black G.Skill Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5.

G.Skill Ripjaws M5 RGB offers fast 96GB DDR5 kits

G.Skill presents its RGB-lit Ripjaws M DDR5 memory series, offering high speed and capacity for gamers on Intel platforms.

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