Deal of the day: get up to 27% off the best Steam Deck docks

Switch between handheld and desktop seamlessly, at a discount.

A Steam Deck sitting in a discounted Jsaux docking station.

Jsaux 5-in-1 Steam Deck dock

“Experience the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally’s desktop modes without the fuss of analogue sticks and on-screen keyboards using Jsaux’s 5-in-1 docking station.”

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Valve nailed the handheld Steam Deck experience, making it easy to navigate using the analogue sticks. Diving into desktop mode is another matter, with cumbersome on-screen keyboards taking up most of the view. Steam Deck docks fix these woes, transforming your portable into a desktop, letting you use your mouse and keyboard.

Facing facts, Valve’s Steam Deck dock is a little on the expensive side. Jsaux makes some of the most affordable alternatives, doing everything the official hub can do and sometimes more. While stocks last, you can grab the 5-in-1, 6-in-1, and its M.2 docking stations at a discount.

The 5-in-1 dock offers the best deal, chopping 25% off the price tag. This brings it down to $29.99 on Amazon US and £29.99 on Amazon UK. It props your Steam Deck up, but also lets you add a second screen using HDMI 2.0, connect to the Internet via 100Mbps Ethernet, and attach your mouse and keyboard using the dual USB Type-A 2.0 ports.

If you want to connect a third peripheral or faster ports, the 6-in-1 dock will suit you better. This gives you a third USB Type A 3.0 connector to use with your headset or webcam. Currently, Jsaux has marked it down by 20% on Amazon US, costing you just $39.99. Amazon UK users get a slightly better deal with 27% off, bringing it down to £39.99.

Jsaux’s best Steam Deck dock also sports a 9% discount in the US, bringing it down to $99.99. It’s still a lofty price tag for a 6-in-1 but adorns you with an extra M.2 drive to increase your handheld’s storage. You’ll need to source your own SSD and it’ll only work when you dock your device. Still, it’s a great option for the games and applications you’ll only want to use in desktop mode. Unfortunately, Jsaux hasn’t discounted this dock in the UK.

Jsaux 6-in-1 M.2 SSD dock

“Install more games on your Asus ROG Ally or Steam Deck than ever before. The Jsaux 6-in-1 lets you expand storage using an added M.2 SSD (sold separately).”

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

All these docks also work with Steam Deck OLED and Asus ROG Ally. Although Steam Deck only needs 65W power delivery, these are capable of 100W in total. You’ll need to update the firmware to enable the 30W turbo mode on ROG Ally, but it’s an easy enough process.

By subscribing to Amazon Prime, you can get your new dock as soon as today in some regions with much speedier delivery times. And, if that doesn’t sway you, check out all the other benefits in an Amazon membership.

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