Forget about curved screens, welcome TCL dome displays

Next step is a 360° display.

TCL 31in OLED PC monitor with a unique dome-shaped panel.

TCL has unveiled a dome-shaped 4K monitor alongside a bunch of TVs and ultrawide displays. Each rock high resolutions and refresh rates to suit the growing quality of video content and games.

Undoubtedly the star of the show, this TCL 31in 4K monitor boasts an OLED panel refreshing at 120Hz. Its most remarkable feature isn’t speed or resolution, but its unusual shape. Frankly, it looks like someone got a little trigger happy with Photoshop’s warp tool. This bad boy not only curves the sides, but also the top and bottom to surround your view. I just wonder how close you’ll need to sit in order to fully immerse yourself. Maybe 40in or even 48in could be better than 31in, but I’d need a hands-on before I can judge.

The brand also talks about a wide 3D spatial viewing angle. This just seems to be a way to express the panel’s form, which tries to encircle the user to increase the immersion.

TCL 27in 8K monitor.

If curved monitors were already problematic when working on tasks such as 3D modelling or CAD, this new approach would simply be a nightmare. That’s why the main, if not the only, target for this display is probably gaming. Though even for gaming, you’ll probably want to try before you buy to get a proper feel.

In any case, this is a novel approach for displays to say the least. Even if it might not grasp the amount of attention it deserves, we appreciate brands that think outside of the box.

TCL curved Ultra-wide 8K Mini-LED monitor.

TCL has also announced the world’s first 27-in 8K with eye tracking. This arrives alongside an 85in UHD TV rocking a 144Hz refresh rate VA panel covering 90% of the BT2020 gamut. It’s doubling down on a 14in 4K OLED flexible screen capable of delivering 2,500nits of peak brightness, all while refreshing at 120Hz. And last but not least, the brand showed off a 57in dual-4K ultra-wide Mini-LED monitor. That’s a mouthful.

Monitor tech is moving particularly fast as we head into 2024. This is an all-around promising product roster that we are eager to see in action.