Google reportedly making its very own AirTag-styled smart tracker codenamed ‘Grogu’

Forget me nots.


We’re all familiar with Apple’s AirTag, Samsung’s SmartTag and Tile’s vast selection of uniquely shaped smart trackers. Each has become increasingly popular due to sheer usefulness, and the premise is quite simple; find things nearby or far away. No surprise, then, to hear Google is working on its very own version cutely codenamed ‘Grogu.’

Initially, Mishaal Rahman, a senior tech editor for Esper, and Kuba Wojciechowski, renowned for sniffing out the latest upcoming Google products by endlessly sifting through code, found evidence of the tech giant working on support for ‘locator tags’ in Fast Pair. The source then found references to a device known internally as either ‘Grogu,’ ‘groguaudio,’ and ‘GR10.’

The device will reportedly support both Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth Low Energy location and positioning technologies, both incredibly precise at tracking and frequently used in such smart devices. It also might have a tiny integrated speaker, that will most likely provide an audio queue once the end user gets closer. Finally, the report reveals that the project is being handled by Google’s Nest team, though this doesn’t necessarily mean it will launch as a Nest product.

Google’s take on the AirTag will undoubtedly sell in droves if this rumour is proven to be true. People by nature are quite forgetful you see. In fact, at this very moment I haven’t the slightest idea where I placed my car keys, and surely later today when hitting the grocers, I’ll spend 15 minutes rummaging through jacket pockets, and opening cupboard drawers. Ultimately, my wife is my smart tracker and if asked nicely, she’ll ‘Sherlock Holmes’ the household and find it in a minute flat.

Catch her on a bad day, however… suffice to say investing in a smart tracking device should be on the top of my priority list. Currently, there is no word on when the ‘Grogu’ device will be officially unveiled, but a calculated guess points toward Google’s annual I/O event slated for May 2023.