Kingston’s £21 480GB SATA SSD shows just how much storage prices have fallen

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Kingston A400

Kingston A400 SSD

“The A400 SSD is an entry-level solid-state drive that provides ultra-responsive multitasking, higher performance and speeds 10x those of a 7200RPM hard drive.”

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Chances are you’ve already upgraded most of your boot drives to solid-state technology, but if there’s an old laptop kicking about, there’s no excuse not to give it a new lease of life.

SSD prices have been coming down steadily since the turn of the year, and while much of the attention has been focussed on fast M.2 solutions, there are unbelievable bargains when it comes to older, 2.5in SATA drives.

The pick of the bunch right now is Kingston’s 480GB A400. The SATA 3 SSD promises perfectly acceptable speeds of up to 500MB/s read and 450MB/s write, but the star attraction has to be the £21 / $26 price tag. Incredibly, that’s less than the pizza I ordered for takeaway last Friday night!

A very decent boot drive for a laptop, or even to use as an external USB drive with a suitable dongle. I don’t need one, but at these prices, it’s proving hard to resist the temptation.