Lenovo Legion Go 2 will release, but only when it’s ready

Lenovo Legion Go Plus?

Lenovo Legion Go in table top mode running Game Pass.

Lenovo set quite a precedent when it released its beastly Lenovo Legion Go. The laptop maker is one of a few that helped usher in a new era of ultra-capable PC gaming handhelds. The Go was praised for its larger, high-resolution display, Nintendo-like detachable controllers, and larger battery life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the company has already confirmed a successor.

Lenovo Gaming Category Manager Clifford Chong confirmed that handhelds are a big part of the brand’s future. Specifically, he mentioned that Lenovo is “still spending a lot of resources” on improving the current model. “There are still engineering efforts to try to bring the next wave of features to the product,” he says. Finally, he ended his statement by saying the handheld gaming market has potential, and Lenovo would continue to invest in it.

Chong’s comments may seem vague, but they at least confirm that Lenovo is working towards a sequel. He also proudly mentions that the Go is currently “the largest gaming handheld,” alongside it “being received very well”. I guess it’s safe to assume that the second edition will follow the same design language.

When it will release, however, is up to anyone’s guess. Based entirely on Chong’s comments we can assume it’s going to take a while. Though, that’s not to say there isn’t room for a mid-point refresh, similar to the Steam Deck OLED. Meanwhile, Asus has also confirmed its working on a ROG Ally 2 that could come as early as this year.

If Lenovo fears losing its momentum in the handheld gaming PC space, I feel this would be the perfect solution. And since Chong claims the company is still spending a lot of resources on the current model, a Legion Go ‘Plus’ or ‘OLED’ doesn’t seem entirely far-fetched.