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MSI Claw in Club386's hands.

MSI Claw release date is in the books but it’s not all sunshine

MSI Claw gaming handheld slated to release early next month with pre-orders for two models already open at one UK retailer.
PlayStation Portal Promotional Image featuring Pulse Explore wireless earbuds.

A hack lets you play PlayStation Portal offline but only PSP games

A couple of Google engineers hacked the PlayStation Portal, making it possible to play classic PSP games directly from the console.
Steam Deck inspired custom handheld device FrameDeck overall chonkiness.

Modder makes DIY Steam Deck rival with Framework laptop parts

A modding enthusiast has created an awesome Steam Deck rival based on the tiny and readily available Framework 13 Laptop mainboard.
Fake Xbox portable handheld.

Microsoft wants an Xbox handheld that’s more Switch than PlayStation Portal

Microsoft is said to be preparing two consoles, a usual living room box plus an Xbox handheld unit featuring local and cloud gaming.
PS Vita by Aleks Dorohovich via Unsplash.

Sony may make PS Vita 2 but can it really rival Steam Deck?

A reliable source confirms there is a Sony PlayStation Portable device in active development, and it is powered by AMD.
A cat playing with an MSI Claw gaming handheld.

Hearts sink as MSI Claw A1M is pricier than Asus ROG Ally

MSI Claw gaming handheld prices leave a lot to be desired as the competition is well-placed to counter the new arrival.
Steam Deck 2 specs leak, but we'd prefer more usability.

Forget the Steam Deck 2 specs leak, give me more usability

Steam Deck 2 specs have leaked, but we'd prefer to focus more on usability and efficiency than raw power upgrades.
OneXPlayer X1 in handheld mode.

OneXPlayer X1 tries to be a Steam Deck, tablet, and laptop all at once

OneXPlayer tries to cover all your needs with its X1 tablet, laptop, handheld machine powered by Intel’s latest Core Ultra 7 155H CPU.
A player using Aokzoe A2 gaming handheld.

Aokzoe A2 wants a portion of Asus ROG Ally cake

Aokzoe A2 handheld gaming PC takes performance seriously, packing AMD’s latest Ryzen chip alongside copious amounts of RAM.
Asus ROG Ally motherboard.

Asus ROG Ally upgraded with 32GB of 7,500MTs RAM

A modder doubles the ROG Ally RAM capacity to 32GB by swapping the old chips for high-capacity ones using a heat gun.
Ayaneo Slide Black and White Side by Side.

Ayaneo Slide is another QWERTY driven Steam Deck rival

Steam Deck competition is heating up, as Ayaneo Slide is now available to pre-order with an early bird discount on Indiegogo for $700.
The Steam Deck OLED playing a game on screen.

Valve’s Steam Deck now rocks a 90Hz OLED display

The Steam Deck OLED is Valve's refreshed handheld gaming PC with a larger screen, faster refresh rate, and better battery life.

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