Logitech’s best wireless mouse is at its lowest price 

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Logitech G502 X Lightspeed falls to its lowest price ever.
Logitech G502 X Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse against a white background.

Logitech G502 X Lightspeed

“G502 X Lightspeed is the latest addition to the legendary G502 lineage. Featuring its first-ever Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switches and updated Lightspeed wireless protocol, it’s faster than ever.”

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Choosing your ideal wireless gaming mouse entirely depends on what you’ll use it for. Some might consider Logitech G Pro X Superlight the best because it’s just 63g with 70 hours (about 3 days) of battery life. Granted, that’s also reduced on Amazon, but today’s highlight is a mouse that goes bigger in every way imaginable.

Logitech G502 X Lightspeed is currently 27% cheaper on Amazon US. Now under $100, the clicker has never been cheaper in the region. Blighty also gets 25% off, slimming the price to just £97. The brand also throws love to our European readers, chopping 27% off in Germany to €109.00. I recommend you don’t spend too long pondering whether it’s worth it, though. Amazon lists them as limited deals, and they could end at any moment.

If the G502 seems familiar to you, that’s because the series has been around for a while. Much like Corsair’s K70, the range made a name for itself over a decade ago. Going from strength to strength, G502 X Lightspeed is an evolution of the original, keeping all the pros and smoothing out some of the cons.

It’s still a long mouse with extra buttons along the left click and thumb rest, totalling 13 programmable controls. One is automatically a DPI shift button that gives you precision aiming by slowing the sensitivity of your crosshairs. Is it cheating? In the eyes of tournament organisers, yes, but it can give you a ranked advantage without the wrath of anti-cheats.

My favourite feature returns, as you can unlock the scroll wheel to spin it as fast as you like or lock it, so it gives you notched precision. Unlike the Razer Basilisk V3, G502 X Lightspeed has a mechanical function rather than a digital one, making it much more reliable. Since the scroll wheel is 4D, you can flick it left or right for a couple of extra functions.

As far as new physical features go, you can now remove or switch the DPI shift button. One of the casings in the box extends it for shorter thumbs, meaning you can always reach it. Logitech has also popped in Lightforce optical-mechanical hybrid switches that are quicker and more reliable than standard clickers.

Under the hood lies the company’s Hero 25K gaming sensor. This has been around for a while now, but why fix what’s not broken? It still performs like a champ and contends with the best in the biz.

The only consideration you need to make is how heavy you like your mice. Logitech G502 X Lightspeed is 102g. Although it’s a little chonkier than some, it still falls into the middleweight category. The benefit of this is a comfier feel that conforms to your hand and more room inside for a bigger battery.

Since this is the version without RGB lighting, you can get up to 140 hours of battery life out of it. Not only is that six days straight before you need to plug it in, it’s double that of the Superlight and four times longer than the RGB version with lighting enabled. It doesn’t take long to charge, either, juicing up in around 30 minutes. You can even charge it using Powerplay wireless charging, although you’ll need to buy the mat separately.

Rather than taking our word for it, try it out for yourself. If you’re not happy, just send it back to Amazon within 30 days, and you’ll get your money back. It’s a fantastic refund policy that’s made to be hassle-free.

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