Meta Quest 3 beats Apple Vision Pro according to Zuck of all people

A shock, truly.

Comparing Meta Quest 3 with Apple Vision Pro seems like a futile effort. Aside from both being headsets of the VR variety, they couldn’t be more different in their target audience. That hasn’t stopped Meta head Mark Zuckerberg from trashing the competition, saying Quest 3 is better at pretty much everything.

While Apple Vision Pro undoubtedly has better stats, the sheer cost of the thing makes it a very hard sell. There’s a reason it’s so expensive but seven times the price of Meta Quest 3 is still eye-watering. The accessibility of the latter, on the other hand, makes it one of the best free-standing headsets around.

The big Zuck took to Instagram to chat about his experience with the Apple Vision Pro. He always expected Quest 3 to be better value but ended up feeling that it’s “the better product, period.” It’s not a shock to see company heads tout their products, but it’s interesting to see it done so brazenly.

Thankfully, it’s not just a sweeping statement in the three-minute video. Zuckerberg specifically mentions the mixed reality aspects of the device and the high-quality passthrough used to record the footage. It sure looks a lot crisper than I’ve ever seen on a Meta Quest 3, mind you. Recording quality has been a consistent issue since the release of the device, but hey, that’s neither here nor there.

Then it comes to support. Apple’s marketing SVP, Greg Joswiak, is currently celebrating over 1,000 spatial apps, but it’s nothing compared to Meta Quest 3. That has the entire Quest 2 catalogue to fall on, and then some, including plenty of games. There’s no question which is the better option for most people.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t implicitly trust the head of a company talking about their own products. It’s marketing 101. That said, Zuckerberg has a point this time around and is just saying what we’re all thinking. I’m interested to see where Apple takes mixed reality headsets with a sophomore outing, but the price is the be-all and end-all with such a niche hobby.