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Frequently ranked as the world’s most valuable brand, with billions of products in active use, it is hard to understate the impact that Apple has had on the lives of millions around the globe.

Mac Studio by Peng Original via Unsplash.

Apple’s AI-focused M4 processors allegedly nearing production

Apple sets sights on AI throne with three M4 products slated for production soon.
Apple iPhone.

Apple iOS 17.4 update tears down App Store walls in Europe

Apple opens access to alternative app stores on its iPhones and iPads in the EU starting with iOS 17.4 update.
Apple Vision Pro Cracked Front Glass Display.

$3,500 Apple Vision Pro allegedly cracks by itself

There have been two eerily similar reports on Reddit that claim their Apple Vision Pro front glass broke without any outside force.
Apple's iPhone handsets are now at the mercy of a GoldenPickaxe Trojan virus.

iPhone users beware: a virus can collect your biometric data 

Apple iPhone users need to be careful, as a dreaded Trojan virus can now siphon your data while disguised as an official app.
Apple Vision Pro at Apple Store in New York by Romero A. via Unsplash.

Apple Vision Pro headset returns are mounting up

Customers are slowly starting to return their Apple Vision Pro headsets. Could it be dissatisfaction with the product? Let's investigate.

Meta Quest 3 beats Apple Vision Pro according to Zuck of all people

Mark Zuckerberg took to Instagram to give his opinion on the supposedly big battle between Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro.

There’s a reason Apple Vision Pro is so much pricier than Meta Quest 3

Why is the Apple Vision Pro so much more expensive than its Meta Quest rivals? A recent teardown reveals it's all in the displays.
Apple Vision Pro spatial headset gets a smashing workout in durability test.

Apple Vision Pro durability test yields smashing results

Turns out the Apple Vision Pro is tougher than you might have thought, surviving multiple bumps and bruises in latest durability test.
People certainly have thoughts on Apple Vision Pro, Apple's new spatial computing platform.

Apple Vision Pro review roundup: a deeply expensive marvel

The Apple Vision Pro is an ambitious first entry into AR/VR and an exciting glimpse into the future, albeit extremely expensive.
Apple Vision Pro headset.

Apple Vision Pro is sold out, thanks to scalpers

The Apple Vision Pro headset is already sold out due to scalpers who have marked the price up considerably.
Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset aims for February.

Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset might land in February

Apple is reportedly gearing up to release its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in February next year, as production begins.

Apple discloses government push notification spying

Foreign governments have been caught secretly spying on iPhone and Android user push notifications, and Apple can only just talk about it.

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