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Arguably the most meaningful upgrade a PC user can make. A great screen can elevate the experience in more ways than one.

Fantastic HDR, Mini LED IPS, and robust Thunderbolt 4 connectivity might just put Philips 27B1U7903 on the map.
MSI MEG 342C makes it easy to see why QD-OLED is the next step in gaming monitor tech, with beautiful colours and fast performance.
There's value to be had in gaming monitors. This 34in 180Hz ultrawide is a fine example of big-screen wow factor for a little over £350.
With smart concessions and a low price point, iiyama G-Master G2755HSU-B1 makes 100Hz refresh rate the new baseline.
Small in stature and big on resolution, MSI's latest 27in monitor urges pro gamers to make the switch to 4K UHD.
I've tasted the goodness of a 5K2K screen and now there's no going back.
ASRock becomes the latest PC component manufacturer to venture into monitors.
Brighter than an OLED and no risk of burn-in. Mini LED ought to be a genuine contender, but there's a way to go yet.
A 120Hz ultrawide with built-in KVM bodes well for those who work by day and play by night.
Need another reason to continue working from home? An ultrawide monitor with built-in webcam could be just the excuse.
A satisfying gaming monitor offering size, speed and sync for under £400.
Ready to go ultrawide? iiyama's 34in G-Master delivers a 3440x1440 resolution at 165Hz without breaking the bank.

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