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The foundation on which all rigs are built. From mainstream to enthusiast, we pick out the boards that best deserve your consideration.

You need a monster board to handle the monster Ryzen Threadripper 7980X. Find out if ASRock is up to the task.
Here's why investing in a smaller motherboard makes a lot of sense these days. Good enough for RTX 4090 and Ryzen 9 7950X.
A great home for gaming and creating content, the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X is a fine board at a reasonable fee.
Six M.2 and WiFi 7 stand out from the spec sheet.
ASRock trades a dearer chipset for a better feature set. Job well done and a board worth considering.
ASRock succeeds with a bold design. Z790 has never looked this colourful.
The finest Hero board for AMD CPUs yet, Crosshair X670E is a premium powerhouse.
ASRock takes the Taichi blueprint and builds a top-notch AMD X670E board.
A tidy board that can handle a full-power Core i9 going like the clappers.
Hitting most of the right notes, a really good board for Intel 12th Gen Core i9.
A good partner for Intel 12th Gen Core i3 and Core i5.
A board superb in some areas and average in others.

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