The foundation on which all rigs are built. From mainstream to enthusiast, we pick out the boards that best deserve your consideration.

The finest Hero board for AMD CPUs yet, Crosshair X690E is a premium powerhouse.
ASRock takes the Taichi blueprint and builds a top-notch AMD X670E board.
A tidy board that can handle a full-power Core i9 going like the clappers.
Hitting most of the right notes, a really good board for Intel 12th Gen Core i9.
A good partner for Intel 12th Gen Core i3 and Core i5.
A board superb in some areas and average in others.
An attractive and stealthy board that's a couple of features short of greatness.
Much discussion has been had of the merits of DDR4 vs DDR5 on Alder Lake. ASRock's Z690 Extreme provides some answers.

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