Streacom gaming PC case lets you ditch fans entirely

Silence is golden.

SG10 Fanless case side view.

Streacom has an interesting proposition in the form of a completely fanless PC chassis. The SG10 Fanless gaming PC is built ostensibly with high-performance gaming PCs in mind. Ambitiously unique, silent, and beautiful. Colour me intrigued.

Streacom built this unique chassis in collaboration with Calyos. It’s a spiritual successor to an earlier Calyos Kickstarter project. The NSG S0 garnered 461 backers who pledged €262,480 to help bring the project to life. Whilst it was a success, manufacturing at a consumer level proved a challenge. This is where Streacom stepped in. The project combines the expertise of Calyos and Streacom’s experience in case manufacturing and fanless cooling into one kick-ass chassis.

A top down view of a Black SG10 Fanless Chassis.

What is the SG10 exactly? Well, it is a passively-cooled chassis that contains no fans and zero pumps. It utilises a cleverly designed Loop Heat system that creates a continuous flow around the loop. An evaporator is at the heart of the system and is responsible for heat exchange. It features a patented solid-state (no moving parts) capillary pump that creates a pressurised vapour flow into a condenser. The condenser then cools this hot vapour into liquid form and then flows back to the evaporator, where the cycle repeats.

It is important to note that this would not be possible without the advantages of the custom Loop Heat system. Unlike traditional heatpipes, it doesn’t require a wick, allowing for easily flexible lines that can be positioned according to hardware placement. It is also more efficient at moving heat away from a source and at a greater transport distance. Plus, the greater surface area allows for quicker heat absorption and the capability to absorb very high heat fluxes. Streacom claims a maximum TDP of 600W without the use of fans, which is quite impressive.

If looks could kill

The design of the chassis offers a few geeky quirks and features. The interior mounting places both the graphics card and motherboard at opposite angles, which also doubles as case support structure. It might look cool, but we think this could complicate things when trying to connect monitors and other peripherals. Cable management might be a headache, too. The exterior, however, is a perfect blend of industrial chic and modern gaming aesthetics. Construction appears solid, featuring a chimney-styled setup with two glass panels on either side to admire your components.

Speaking of components, the chassis is big enough to house an ATX motherboard, a graphics card up to 280mm long, and five 3.5in or 2.5in storage drives. Meanwhile, the front I/O panel features one USB Type-C, two USB Type-A connectors, and a shine-glass start button. However, this panel design is subject to change and the final design will be revealed closer to release.

Copper SG10 Copper Edition.

Finally, the original Kickstarter community who helped bring the project to life will be rewarded with a Copper Edition for their contributions. The first 500 units have been pre-allocated to these backers. However, Calyos will reimburse all backers who would prefer a return of their pledge because the Copper SG10 is pricier. A nice gesture, although it still sucks that the original NSG S0 is dead.

The SG10 Copper Edition will be available for pre-order shortly, with an estimated shipping date of May 2024. Pricing for this edition comes in at €1,200. Meanwhile, the standard black and silver editions will be priced at €1,000, although exact ETA has yet to be announced. Find out more here.