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Noctua NM-M1-MP78 multi-socket SecuFirm2+ mounting-kit installed on a motherboard.

Noctua reckons its mounting kits improve CPU temps

Noctua improves its SecuFirm2 mounting kit with Torx screws to further simplify mounting and augment durability.
Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce X II 360 Ice AIO liquid cooler on a planet background.

Fight upside-down logos with Gigabyte Waterforce II liquid coolers

Gigabyte Waterforce X II AIO liquid coolers offer you an LCD display to show off your best gifs and videos to cheer up your CPU.
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB - Awesome Upgrade!

Arctic 360 AIO CPU cooler gets an epic Cyber Monday price drop

High-end liquid cooling has become increasingly affordable, and this highly rated Arctic Liquid Freezer II is a steal at under £90!
Arctic S8038 server fan on a melting ice background.

Arctic new server fans are designed to spin endlessly

Arctic S8038 fan series delivers insane speeds with 24/7 operation thanks to an actively cooled motor design.
We place a sound metre next to a desktop when discovering how to make your PC quieter.

How to make a PC quieter step-by-step

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make your PC quieter, so you can avoid having a system that sounds like a helicopter taking off.
Enermax Liqmaxflo 360mm

Enermax Liqmaxflo 360mm liquid cooler review: 38mm-thick AIO

A thicker radiator helps propel Enermax to the top of the Club386 cooling performance charts.
be quiet! Pure Wings 3 fan

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 fans bring innovative closed-loop motor feedback

be quiet! launches 120mm and 140mm Pure Wings 3 fans.
be quiet! Dark Rock Elite

be quiet! Dark Rock Elite review – German rival to Austria’s NH-D15

The battle for ultimate air cooling is heating up nicely. Find out if Dark Rock Elite can dethrone Noctua's finest.
be quiet! Pure Loop 2 280mm

be quiet! Pure Loop 2 280mm review – tranquil AIO liquid cooling

Second-generation Pure Loop AIO coolers arrive with subtle ARGB lighting, adjustable pump speed and high-quality Pure Wings 3 fans.
Noctua NH-D15S - Price Drop!

Deal of the day: Noctua’s revered NH-D15S chromax.black back on sale at lowest price

Easily a contender for the best air cooler on the market, but a competitor has also dropped price.
Phanteks D30 140mm fans

Phanteks releases 140mm D30 fans combining performance and aesthetics

Phanteks launches 140mm models of its daisy-chainable D30 fans in both normal and reverse variants.
MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360

MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360 AIO review: top-notch cooling without the fuss

Simple to install, quiet at low speed, tames a Core i9-13900K. CoreLiquid E360 ticks the right boxes, and yes, it comes in black or white.

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