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Three Corsair PSUs stacked on top of each other, showing different form factors and features.

How to choose the right PSU for every PC build

A power supply for every occasion, we tell you what to look out for during your next bout of PC upgrading.
Corsair MP700 Pro M.2 SSD with an active cooling system

Corsair MP700 Pro Gen 5 SSD has cooling options for days

Corsair MP700 Pro M.2 SSD aims to transfer your files so fast you will wonder if you have selected them all.
Corsair K70 Core SE gaming keyboard with some keycaps removed to reveal Red mechanical switches.

Corsair K70 Core SE features vibrant hues and MLX red switches

The Corsair K70 gaming keyboard gets a Core update with a special edition variant featuring a unique white-silver-yellow colourway.
Corsair Hydro X liquid cooling parts with iCUE Link support

Corsair powers your entire liquid cooling setup with a single cable

Corsair adds new iCUE Link compatible products to its Hydro X Series of liquid cooling, powered and controlled by a single cable.
Someone wearing the Corsair Virtuoso RGB headset with "30% off" reflected in their sunglasses.

Get 30% off this Corsair wireless gaming headset  

Cutting the cord is the best thing you can do with a gaming headset. We’re not talking about whipping out a pair of scissors...
Corsair SCUF Envision PC gaming controller

Scuf Gaming says Envision PC controller is all you need

Scuf’s Envision is a premium PC controller with Omron mechanical switches.
Corsair iCUE Link LCD Liquid CPU Cooler inside a white computer chassis

Corsair launches AIO CPU coolers with iCUE Link LCD screen

Corsair iCUE Link liquid coolers now come with 480p IPS displays.
A Corsair K70 Core gaming keyboard with keycaps removed, revealing Corsair MLX Red mechanical switches.

Corsair takes on Cherry MX with its own red switches on the K70 Core...

The Corsair K70 Core gaming keyboard brings with it new MLX Red mecahnical switches.
Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 memory

Corsair unleashes Dominator Titanium DDR5 memory with speeds up to 8,000MT/s

Corsair releases Dominator Titanium DDR5 for Intel and AMD platforms in capacities up to 192GB.
Corsair Virtuoso Pro wired gaming and streaming headset

Corsair unleashes Virtuoso Pro wired gaming headset with removable mic and headband

Corsair releases Virtuoso Pro open-back gaming headset rocking 50mm graphene drivers.
Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO gaming mouse

Corsair cuts the cord for new Scimitar Elite MMO gaming mouse

Corsair Scimitar Elite MMO is back, free of cable constraints and packing 12 side buttons.

Corsair’s Platform:6 modular computer desk takes the sit-stand workspace to a whole new level

Corsair delves into the gaming furniture space with feature-packed Platform:6 modular, height-adjustable desk.

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