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V-Color DDR5 XPrism and DDR4 Prism Pro TUF Gaming Alliance RGB memory.

V-Color teams up with Asus TUF Gaming on XPrism DDR5 RAM

V-Color collaborates with Asus on TUF Gaming branded XPrism DDR4 and DDR5 RAM, offering a variety of speeds and capacities for PC gamers.
Thermaltake ToughRAM XG RGB D5 black DDR5 memory.

Thermaltake ToughRAM XG RGB RAM now reaches 8,000MT/s

Thermaltake ToughRAM XG RGB D5 DDR5 memory is available in 7600MT/s and 8,000MT/s speeds, ready to handle demanding tasks.
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 memory with black heatsink

G.Skill launches Intel 14th Gen Core-ready DDR5 memory

G.Skill releases ultra-fast Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-8400 memory.
TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem DDR5 - Module

TeamGroup unleashes super-fast T-Force Xtreem DDR5 memory at up to 8,200MT/s

TeamGroup combines capacity and speed with the T-Force Xtreem DDR5 memory series.
Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 memory

Corsair unleashes Dominator Titanium DDR5 memory with speeds up to 8,000MT/s

Corsair releases Dominator Titanium DDR5 for Intel and AMD platforms in capacities up to 192GB.
Crucial Pro DDR5-6000 memory kit

Crucial’s super-sleek 48GB DDR5 Pro memory kit will do 6,000MT/s at 1.1v

Decent speeds, but it's that minimalist matte black finish that's really tickling our fancy.
Lexar Ares DDR5-8000 memory

Lexar teases dazzling ultra-fast Ares DDR5-8000 memory ahead of Q4 launch

Lexar joins the 8,000MT/s memory club with updated Ares series boasting eye-catching RGB lighting.
G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB DDR5 memory for AM5

G.Skill launches Trident Z5 Neo RGB DDR5-6400 for AMD AM5 in capacities up to...

Dual-channel EXPO memory hits 6,400MT/s with CL32-39-39 timings and comes in a choice of black or white.
V-Color Manta XPrism DDR5 RGB memory

V-Color presents Manta XPrism DDR5-7800 RGB memory in whopping 96GB packs

V-Color launches Manta XPrism 2x48GB DDR5-7800 CL38 XMP memory.
GALAX HOF OC LAB Phantom S DDR5 RGB memory

Bling alert – Galax launches HOF OC LAB Phantom S DDR5-8000 CL38 memory

Galax releases HOF OC LAB Phantom S DDR5-7200, 7600, and 8000 memory in 2x16GB kits.
Kingston Fury White DDR5-6400

Kingston Fury Renegade White DDR5-6400 32GB KF564C32RWK2-32 memory review

Kingston may have just the memory for those who prefer a build on the cooler end of the colour spectrum.
Prime Day - Upgrade Time!

Here are the best Prime Day deals for DIY PC component upgrades

Fancy a 420mm AIO cooler? More DDR5 memory? Or how about a new monitor? These are the deals worth eyeballing.

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