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Seagate 12TB hard drives reduced by up to 23%.

Deal of the day: get 23% off 12TB of storage with NAS HDD deal

A massive 12TB Seagate IronWolf HDD has plummeted in price, alongside WD_Black NVMe SSDs, just as storage prices are about to rise.
12TB WD_Black D10 Game Drive

Deal of the day: this WD_Black D10 Game Drive offers 12TB of storage for under...

Whether you're storing games or backing up your NAS, this is the most affordable 12TB solution we've seen.
Seagate Self-Healing, High-Density Data Storage

Seagate announces HAMR time with first 30TB+ HDD shipments

Seagate launches self-healing, high-density data storage with multi-petabyte capacity.
IronWOlf Pro QNap

QNAP and Seagate join forces in bringing 22TB Ironwolf Pro HDDs for NAS enterprise...

Seagate debuts 22TB IronWolf Pro series drives in QNAP's latest NAS solutions.
Seagate FireCuda Spider-Man HDDs

Seagate rides superhero wave with collectable Spider-Man FireCuda HDDs

Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales themed external HDDs join Seagate's growing catalogue of collectable hardware.

WD begins shipping 22TB Red Pro, Purple Pro and Gold HDDs

Storage specialist's largest drive sets sights on smart video, NAS and data centre markets.

Western Digital looks to the cloud with 22TB CMR and 26TB SMR HDDs

Western Digital unveils 10-platter HDDs using CMR and SMR technologies.

Seagate’s collectable Star Wars hard drives celebrate May the 4th in style

Boba Fett, Grogu and Mandalorian drives for the Star Wars fan in your life.

Toshiba unveils roadmap showing 30TB HDDs in 2023

Toshiba unveiled 30TB HDDs in a new roadmap coming 2023.

Backblaze lists the most reliable hard drives of 2021

Want to know who makes the most reliable hard drives? Read on.

WD debuts CMR HDDs with 20TB capacity and OptiNAND technology

WD breaks the 20TB 3.5in conventional magnetic recording HDD barrier. Expects bigger and better in years to come.
A Seagate Exos HDD

Seagate demonstrates “world’s first” native NVMe HDD

PCIe-connected HDDs are in the pipeline, and should become commercially available from mid-2024.

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