WD releases the world’s biggest tiny portable hard drive

For the ever-inflating file sizes of just about everything.

6TB WD My Passport Ultra connected to a laptop.

Six is the magic number, according to Western Digital. Taking another crack at some of its most iconic portable storage series, it’s refreshing almost all its drives with 6TB, ushering in the world’s largest capacity 2.5in portable HDDs in the process.

It’s tough keeping up with the increasing size of games nowadays, particularly for laptops, gaming handhelds, and consoles, where drive upgrades aren’t exactly possible. Plonking your most played on a portable hard drive still seems like witchcraft to me, but it’s something WD has down to a T.

6TB WD_Black P10 Game Drive

This is where the new 6TB WD_Black P10 Game Drive comes in. The brand states you can fit up to 150 games on its new flagship, but I want to get across just how much 6TB really is. Unencumbered by the weight of an operating system, it’s enough to house Ark: Survival Evolved 15 times, Microsoft Flight Simulator 30 times, and Red Dead Redemption 2 50 times over. These are some of the chonkiest games around, so that’s no small feat.

Previously, P10 Game Drives capped out at 5TB for £159.99. The new 6TB will set you back £170.99 / $184.99, giving you 20% more storage for just 7% more cost. This doesn’t include any deals you might find out in the wild. Not a bad trade, if I do say so myself.

6TB SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD

The one you’ll want with you come rain or shine is the new 6TB SanDisk Professional’s G-DRIVE ArmorATD. With a rugged approach that gives LaCie a run for its money, it’s covered with an anti-shock frame and can withstand dust and splashes with an IP54 rating. It’s even crush-resistant, which seems a little extreme now I’m typing it, but it’s better to have it and not need it and all that jazz. Unlike Desk Drive, this one sports the smaller 2.5in form factor and powers straight from the USB cable.

Once again, G-DRIVE ArmorATDs hit a 5TB ceiling for £169.99. Crunching the numbers, 6TB for £225.99 / $229.99 gives you 20% more storage, but it’ll set you back 33% more. It’s not quite as affordable as P10 Game Drive, but that’s the cost of added protection for your precious video files.

6TB WD My Passport series

Finally, WD My Passport and My Passport Ultra series are also getting a notable 6TB bump. Here’s how much each cost alongside the premium Western Digital is asking for the 20% extra space:

There might very well be a 6TB WD_Black P10 Game Drive in my future with this kind of unrivalled value. In the meantime, don’t pay too much mind to the fact that someone called Damien is writing about all the sixes.