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Listen with caution, as research shows gamers are at higher risk of hearing loss - particularly headset users.

Be careful with your headset, you may be risking hearing loss

Research shows gamers could be at an elevated risk of hearing loss or tinnitus, particularly if you use a gaming headset.
Logitech G ASTRO A50 X wireless gaming headset held by a person in black clothes.

Connect your consoles simultaneously with Astro A50 X headset

Logitech G Astro A50 X wireless gaming headset let’s listen to all your gaming machines wirelessly with a flick of a bouton.
Someone wearing the Corsair Virtuoso RGB headset with "30% off" reflected in their sunglasses.

Get 30% off this Corsair wireless gaming headset  

Cutting the cord is the best thing you can do with a gaming headset. We’re not talking about whipping out a pair of scissors...
Meta Quest 3 MRVR headset

Meta Quest 3 mixed-reality game console arrives October 10 at £479.99

Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset offers 10 times more pixels compared to its predecessor.
Corsair Virtuoso Pro wired gaming and streaming headset

Corsair unleashes Virtuoso Pro wired gaming headset with removable mic and headband

Corsair releases Virtuoso Pro open-back gaming headset rocking 50mm graphene drivers.

Razer launches two additional Kraken Kitty V2 headsets and they’re absolutely furr-ocious

Pretty in pink! Razer adds two affordable headsets to second-generation Kraken Kitty lineup.
HS65 Wireless Title

Corsair launches ultra-sleek HS65 and HS55 wireless gaming headsets

Corsair's HS65 and HS55 headsets are now untethered, and offer the same premium design as wired versions.
Philips TAG5106

Philips announces TAG5106 wireless gaming headset with DTS Headphone: X 2.0

Unique looks and a choice of 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, or good ol' 3.5mm connectivity.
Meta Quest Pro Life Style Feature

Meta Quest Pro is Zuckerberg’s new take on VR and mixed-reality technology

The Meta Quest Pro is the most ambitious mixed-reality headset yet.
HS55 Wireless Core Feature

Corsair introduces mainstream HS55 Wireless Core gaming headset

The HS55 Wireless Core features sleek design, lighter chassis and premium sound at a fairly affordable price.

Razer releases trio of Barracuda headsets

Razer introduces a refreshed line-up of Barracuda gaming headsets priced from £99.99.

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