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MSI Forge GK100 Combo mouse and keyboard.

MSI unveils affordable Forge Series gear

MSI launches Forge Series peripherals featuring a wired mouse and keyboard combo with switches rated for over 10 million actuations.
Corsair K70 Pro RGB gaming keyboard is currently up to 44% cheaper.

Get 44% off Corsair K70 Pro RGB before the gaming keyboard deal ends

You can currently get up to 44% off Corsair K70 Pro RGB, bringing the gaming keyboard close to its lowest-ever price while the deal lasts.
Corsair K65 Plus Wireless keyboard.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless review: a multi-tasking maestro

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless is a compact keyboard with hot swapable switches that ticks most boxes with a slim price for the feature set.
Ducky One 3 Mist falls to its lowest price yet.

Gorgeous Ducky One 3 keyboards hit best price ever in the UK 

Ducky One 3 gaming keyboards are absolutely gorgeous, and the Mist theme has fallen to its best price ever in the UK.
Imagine what a 30 key keyboard looks like. Now, see it for yourself.

Someone’s made a keyboard the size of a mouse for some reason

In a world where things keep getting bigger, it's nice to see a custom keyboard that's going in the opposite direction.
Drop - Rohand keyboard pictured with other Corsair peripherals and gear inspired by the LOTR.

Drop returns to Middle-earth with two Rohan-inspired keyboards

Drop is at it again with another pair of Lord of the Rings inspired keyboards and they're jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
Corsair K55 Core is a stylish budget friendly membrane keyboard.

Corsair K55 Core is a budget membrane keyboard with style

Corsair launches the K55 Core, a budget gaming keyboard with style and substance at an affordable price tag.
Corsair K70 Core RGB mechanical keyboard near a green plant.

Corsair K70 RGB Core review: fantastic typing experience

When pre-lubed mechanical switches make all the difference while typing and gaming.

Check out this limited edition Fallout gaming keyboard from Ducky 

There's limited stock, so you'll want to be quick. Otherwise, there might be a fallout.
Corsair K70 Core SE gaming keyboard with some keycaps removed to reveal Red mechanical switches.

Corsair K70 Core SE features vibrant hues and MLX red switches

The Corsair K70 gaming keyboard gets a Core update with a special edition variant featuring a unique white-silver-yellow colourway.
Alienware 5m long AW420K keyboard and massive AW720M mouse

Alienware makes a gaming keyboard and mouse too big for Hulk

Alienware made the biggest gaming keyboard and mouse, and Team Liquid's Dota 2 squad made sure it actually works.
A Corsair K70 Core gaming keyboard with keycaps removed, revealing Corsair MLX Red mechanical switches.

Corsair takes on Cherry MX with its own red switches on the K70 Core...

The Corsair K70 Core gaming keyboard brings with it new MLX Red mecahnical switches.

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