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Ghost of Tsushima's main character Jin amid Cherry blossom - Captured on PC.

Ghost of Tsushima system requirements demand a beefy PC for 4K

Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PC this May 14, and you better be prepared with a beefy PC for 4K@60fps gameplay.
PlayStation Portal Promotional Image featuring Pulse Explore wireless earbuds.

A hack lets you play PlayStation Portal offline but only PSP games

A couple of Google engineers hacked the PlayStation Portal, making it possible to play classic PSP games directly from the console.
Starfield game characters alongside a PlayStation 5 console.

Starfield aims for PS5 launch after the RPG’s first DLC

Microsoft is reportedly going multi-platform with first-party games, releasing exclusives such as Starfield on Sony’s PlayStation consoles.
PS Vita by Aleks Dorohovich via Unsplash.

Sony may make PS Vita 2 but can it really rival Steam Deck?

A reliable source confirms there is a Sony PlayStation Portable device in active development, and it is powered by AMD.
PlayStation Cronus Ban.

PlayStation swings the ban hammer in a way Xbox players dream of

Sony appears to have nuked Cronus Zen compatibility after latest PlayStation 5 firmware update. A huge victory for all.
Sony PlayStation 5 and Dual Sense controller by Kerde Severin via Unsplash.

Hammer time – Sony PS5 sales race to 50 million units

Sony PS5 sales skyrocket to the moon by achieving 50 million sale milestone, reaching 25 million target for 2023.
Doom Franchise bundle featuring every Doom cover art.

Insomniac’s massive 1.67TB data leak reveals upcoming games

Sony and Insomniac Games roadmap leak reveals a bunch of Marvel games in the works, plus many other interesting titbits.
Sony PS Portal somehow clutches fourth best-seller in the US during November.

PS Portal was a top four best-selling system in November

Sony's PS Portal exceeds expectations, becoming the fourth best-selling platform in the US during November.
PCSX2 on a CRT screen can play over 3,760 games.

PCSX2 emulator can now run 99% of PS2 games

Developers now have 99% of PlayStation 2 games working on the PCSX2 emulator, but it's not a flawless experience.
PS Plus Season of Play Trailer.

PlayStation Plus Season of Play activities are now in full swing

Sony celebrates the festive season with PlayStation 4 and 5 giveaways, goodies, discounts, tournaments, and more.
A powerwasher standing in front of a dirty house with a truck and PlayStation 5 on the side.

Time to power wash your car with PS Plus monthly games

PlayStation Plus monthly games include Lego 2K Drive, Sable, and Powerwash Simulator, starting December 5 for all members.
Half of Master Chief's mask on one side and Astro Boy's head on the other.

PlayStation may feel pressure to buy studios to catch Xbox

Analysts believe PlayStation is under pressure to acquire more studios.

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