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Samsung starts mass production on 3nm process node

Samsung's new 3nm process node enters mass production with claims of increased performance and efficiency.

Apple provided $14.3 billion of TSMC wafer revenue in 2021

Apple spent billions at TSMC last year, likely more this year.

AMD Ryzen 8000 and RDNA 4 pushed back to TSMC 4nm, according to rumours

Not a huge deal if future products move back one node.

TSMC capital expenditure balloons to $44bn in 2022

TSMC will likely exceed $100bn cap-ex in the three years up to 2023.

TSMC gets green light to set up US$7bn chip plant with Sony in Japan

Will Taiwan power shortages mean advanced tech production gets exported?

TSMC announces N4X, its first HPC-focussed process

N4X will offer a 15 per cent performance boost compared to N5.
Intel TSMC

Intel aims to secure three generations of TSMC output, say reports

Rumours swirl regarding Intel CEO's visit to Taiwan.
Intel Arc

Intel Arc Alchemist full desktop and laptop ranges leak

Which Intel Arc GPUs will fill your desktop or laptop needs in 2022?

ASML talks about its High NA EUV machines, coming in 2023

ASML makes lithography machines for Intel, Samsung, and TSMC.
Radeon RX 6000S

AMD Radeon RX 6000S rumoured to be on the way to laptops

Are you ready for faster Radeon mobile GPUs?
TSMC N3 for H1 2022

TSMC pushes N3 ahead of schedule in race against Samsung

Chip foundry completion spurs progress. Nvidia among first to benefit.
TSMC wafer

TSMC begins N3 pilot production in southern Taiwan

TSMC N3 will offer up to a 70 per cent logic density gain over N5.

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