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Microsoft's render of an NPU for its AI Windows 11 Copilot Plus PCs.

Microsoft goes all-in on Copilot Plus PCs with AI features

Microsoft will soon debut Copilot Plus PCs, an accessible brand that tells you when a Windows laptop features AI hardware.
Drake shuns Windows 11 in meme format.

PC users are ditching Windows 11 as Windows 10 grows again

Windows 11 is losing market share while Windows 10 strangely grows once again. It's almost like history is repeating itself.
Windows 11 logo on a Surface tablet.

Windows 11 update is a buggy mess but Microsoft is cooking a fix

Microsoft is now aware of a new issue happening in Windows 11, but a fix appears to be long way off yet; how frustrating.
Windows 11 logo with a red background.

Windows 11 may slap a watermark on PCs that can’t handle AI features

After jumping through hoops to install Windows 11 24H2, your PC might face a watermark denoting that you can't use its AI features.
Windows 11 - Start menu

Microsoft considers adding even more ads into Windows 11

Microsoft is toying around with the idea of increasing the Start Menu ads inside of Windows 11, as spotted in a new Insider Build.
Windows 11 - Image: Microsoft

Microsoft finally speeds up Windows 11 by 40%

Microsoft has given various aspects of Windows 11 a much needed shot in the arm by making things up to 40%. quicker.
Windows 11 is broken - Tired Young Female Employee Feeling Stressed, Headache, and Burnout from Computer Work.

Windows 11 breaks again

Multiple Windows 11 users report experiencing white-screen issues, failure to install, and performance spikes caused by Moment 5 update.
Windows 11 laptop in the middle of updating.

Ex-Microsoft dev blasts Windows 11 performance on high-end PCs 

An ex-Microsoft developer curses the performance of Windows 11, dubbing at least one of its features "comically bad."
Windows update.

Microsoft forces you to delete apps for Windows 11 24H2 update

Microsoft's Windows 11 24H2 update blocks customisation apps in addition to other hardware and driver locks.
A Windows laptop sitting on a wooden desk, surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

Windows 11 24H2 might be half an update without its main features

With the prospect of powerful Snapdragon X Elite laptops by June, it appears that Microsoft has staggered the release of Windows 11 24H2.

Microsoft fixes Windows 11 crashes by patching memory leak

Microsoft really needs to make its life easier by releasing patches that actually work.
Windows 11 update is, once again, broken and will cause you a headache of issues.

Windows 11 update finally installs but causes crashes instead

Microsoft can't seem to catch a break when it comes to its Windows updates, as the latest patch causes crashes, stutters, and glitches.

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