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A desktop PC powered by Windows OS.

Windows is making its own AI-powered Nvidia DLSS rival

Microsoft’s AI-powered Super Resolution is coming to Windows apps and games, enabled with a flick of a switch in the settings.
PC monitors on a desk alongside some plants.

How to take a screenshot in Windows 11

How to capture a screenshot in Microsoft Windows 11 using the operating system shortcuts or dedicated software.
HP LaserJet issue resolved.

Microsoft details quick Windows fix for HP printer issue

Microsoft has a peculiar solution to its equally weird HP LaserJet bug that was caused by a Windows 11 update earlier last month.
Windows 11 Background featuring a no wi-fi sign.

Microsoft breaks WiFi in the latest Windows 11 update

Microsoft bungs up WiFi networks with latest Windows 11 cumulative update. Try these quick temporary solutions and get back online.

Microsoft’s next OS might not be Windows 12 or release in June

New information suggests Microsoft might dodge the Windows 12 name and could stagger the release of its next operating system.
A canon printer renamed as HP. Original image by joshua fuller unsplash.

Microsoft confirms Windows bug renaming printers to HP LaserJet

Microsoft is investigating a mysterious Windows bug that renames printers to HP LaserJet and automatically downloads the HP Smart App.
Windows 12

Windows 12 rumoured for June 2024 release with renewed focus on AI hardware

While a hurried release seems inevitable, it remains to be seen whether or not Windows 12 will require new hardware for optimal performance.
Man playing an Asus Rog Ally aboard a vessel.

Microsoft bets big on handheld gaming with Xbox compact mode

Microsoft adds a new compact mode that shrinks down the Xbox app and brings subtle yet intuitive changes for smaller screens.

Microsoft brings Copilot AI to Windows 10 for some reason

Although Microsoft said it was done with Windows 10 features, the ageing operating system now has access to Copilot AI assistant.
The Windows 11 logo, but purple with the number 12 instead.

Microsoft’s Windows 12 might be on the way, according to Intel

Microsoft's Windows 12 might be just around the corner.
Windows 11 Wallpaper

Microsoft ends Windows 11 activation with older Windows 7 & 8 product keys

Windows announced it will be ending the unofficial grace period to upgrade from Windows 7 & 8 to Windows 10 / 11 for free.
Windows 10 via clint patterson-unsplash

Users of Intel 13th Gen CPUs on MSI boards hit with ‘unsupported processor’ BSOD...

A rogue Windows 10 and 11 preview update could be affecting users of MSI motherboards causing BSOD errors.

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