The Roundup: Guy Fawkes Night toffee apple tech news treats

Grab a cuppa and digest today's news extra.

For a big box of news bangers that didn’t manage to grab their own headlines, please check below.

If you are looking for Friday fireworks and have enjoyed the news firecrackers so far today, please take a bit of time and pick through the box of bangers below. Some might spin your head like a Catherine wheel, others might be slight misfires, so that’s why this selection didn’t get their own headlines today.

PC hardware bits

Gaming bytes

  • Intel publishes list of games with 12th Gen Core Processor DRM issues. patches are promised for many of these titles as soon as this month.
  • Take-Two cancels unannounced $53 million ‘Destiny-like’ game from developers Hangar 13.
  • Epic Games giving away Aven Colony a city-building strategy simulation title (grab it by Nov 12) from Team 17.
  • Sony’s God of War will give PC gamers the choice of AMD FSR or Nvidia DLSS.

Tech twizzlers

Silicon business chips

  • Via Technologies announced the sale of its R&D subsidiary, Centaur Technology, to Intel in a deal valued at US$125 million.
  • DRAM bit supply should increase 18.6 per cent in 2022, but a demand increase of 17.1 per cent: Thus prices will drop by 15 per cent.
  • Facebook’s metaverse plans labelled as ‘dystopian’.