The Roundup: PC wins “machine of the year” in Time magazine anniversary news

39 years ago, computers were starting to become established as devices you might find in ordinary homes.

PCs established in the home

In late December 1982, Time magazine broke from its already long-held tradition of making folk “person of the year,” by nominating the Personal Computer the “machine of the year.” The magazine hit news-stands at the start of January, and the move established a trend of PCs being an essential appliance for the home.

In the magazine, published 39 years ago, Otto Friedrich wrote about what would be later referred to as “the end of the beginning” of the PC industry. Indeed, personal computers had been around since the mid-to-late ’70s. However, by 1982, a year after the first IBM PC shipped, and there were many interesting alternative computing platforms available, the scene was set, and the situation we have today with IT everywhere could become much more easy to predict.

PC tech news

  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU to feature 16Gbps memory and max TGP of 175W
  • China’s Fenghua 1 graphics cards shown running GFXBench
  • SilverStone unveils CS351 Micro-ATX Case, builds intersecting NAS+Gaming use-cases
  • Two-year-old GeForce GTX 1650 is the best selling GPU on Newegg, Amazon
  • GPD P2 Max 2022 mini-laptop with Pentium N6000 coming soon
  • MSI Crosshair 15 Rainbow Six Extraction gaming laptop to feature with 12th Gen Core i9 CPU and RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU
  • Alienware showcases the engineering and design that went into the Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor (AW2721D – see below)

Gaming news

  • Microsoft adds games to test version of Edge browser
  • Remedy is making a free-to-play co-op shooter with Tencent
  • John Madden, football icon and namesake of the Madden franchise, passes away at age 85
  • Best of Steam 2021 shows off a few surprise top sellers and most played

Other tech news highlights