Visionary Intel co-founder Gordon Moore passes away at age 94

For whom the bell tolls.

Gordon Moore

It’s a sombre Saturday morning for many a tech enthusiast. Visionary and philanthropist, Gordon Moore, died peacefully Friday evening, at the age of 94.

He leaves behind a legacy that inspired many. The Intel co-founder’s profound contribution to microprocessor technology is legendary. Not only did he predict how the world would be shaped by the power of technology, he also helped lay the groundwork, and through Moore’s law, quite literally set the benchmark that shaped the semiconductor industry into what it is today.

Moore’s Law, as you may know, was a prediction set forth by Moore in 1965 stating the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double each year, and 10 years later, revised in 1975 to doubling every two years. However accurate it may be, his forecast pushed the boundaries and spurred the exponential growth and development of chip architecture, as well as manufacturing.

An illustration in Moore’s paper depicting how the advancement of integrated circuits would make computers so cheap, they would be sold alongside everyday consumer goods

Current Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger, shared a few words paying tribute with a heartfelt obituary dedicated to Moore’s life and legacy:

“Gordon Moore defined the technology industry through his insight and vision,” said Gelsinger. “He was instrumental in revealing the power of transistors, and inspired technologists and entrepreneurs across the decades. We at Intel remain inspired by Moore’s Law and intend to pursue it until the periodic table is exhausted. Gordon’s vision lives on as our true north as we use the power of technology to improve the lives of every person on Earth.”

Moore was also a selfless philanthropist who along with his wife of 72 years, Betty Moore, established the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, that remains active to this day. The foundation plays a major role in contributing towards environmental conservation, science, and patient care improvements. Since its inception in 2000, the foundation has donated more than $5.1 billion to charitable causes around the world.

Gordan and Betty
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“Those of us who have met and worked with Gordon will forever be inspired by his wisdom, humility and generosity,” reflected foundation president Harvey Fineberg. “Though he never aspired to be a household name, Gordon’s vision and his life’s work enabled the phenomenal innovation and technological developments that shape our everyday lives. Yet those historic achievements are only part of his legacy. His and Betty’s generosity as philanthropists will shape the world for generations to come.”  

Gordon Moore, who was born in San Francisco on January 3, 1929, is survived by his wife Betty, whom he married in 1950, as well as his sons Kenneth and Steven and four grandchildren.