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Is any other company as synonymous with tech? Founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, Intel went on to develop the legendary 386 microprocessor and has served as a dominant player in semiconductors ever since.

Someone holding an MSI Claw, cycling through their games library

MSI Claw update boosts frame rates by up to 30%

Another BIOS update sees MSI Claw frame rates skyrocket, greatly improving the device's value compared to competitors like ROG Ally.
An Intel Lunar Lake CPU (left) and Arrow Lake CPU (right) against a blue-pink background

Intel Arrow Lake on target to launch this year alongside Lunar Lake

While Intel's Lunar Lake processors lead the charge on mobile devices, desktop Arrow Lake CPUs will arrive in the following quarter.
Key art for 3DMark's 'Steel Nomad' benchmark, in which the titular character kneels on rocky terrain against a low sun

Nvidia RTX 4090 dominates new 3DMark Steel Nomad benchmark

GeForce dominates in both DirectX12 and Vulkan GPU tests in 3DMark Steel Nomad, the successor to the legendary Time Spy benchmark.
Gaming handheld with Intel Lunar Lake CPU.

New leak shows Intel hasn’t abandoned gaming handhelds just yet

Intel Lunar Lake processors appear on an 11in gaming handheld, indicating the continuation of the brand presence in this segment.
Intel desktop CPU.

Intel Panther Lake mobile CPUs are reportedly 35% more efficient

Intel Panther Lake to feature up to 16 CPU cores and 12 Celestial GPU cores while being 35% more efficient than Lunar Lake.
Intel Core i9-13900K with a red filter over it.

Intel suggests you avoid the baseline profiles on i9 CPUs

Intel denies suggesting baseline profiles to fix i9 CPU stability issues, instead claiming motherboard manufacturers misunderstood the task.
Fake Intel Core Ultra CPU.

Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs will likely feature no more than 24 cores

Intel Core Ultra 200 Arrow Lake-S desktop lineup leak shows the layout of main models, now missing hyperthreading without adding more cores.
Intel Core i9-14900KS - Image: Intel

Your crashing Intel Core i9 may need to be severely underclocked to fix it

Intel Core i9-14900KS is a shadow of its former self when you attempt to run the CPU using a certified safe mode.
A bunch of Intel Core i9 processors.

Just half of Intel’s i9-13900K CPUs are stable using Auto profiles

Only five out of ten Intel Core i9-13900K and two out of ten Core i9-14900K are stable using auto motherboard profiles.
Fake Intel Core Ultra box.

Intel Core Ultra 5 240F may use two different core combinations

Intel Core Ultra 5 240F desktop processor rumours suggest it'll confusingly use a mix of 8P+16E and 6P+8E compute tiles.
MSI Claw handheld.

MSI improves Claw performance again by up to 150%

MSI further improves the Claw gaming handheld performance thanks to a new BIOS and GPU driver reaching up to 150%.
Weak Intel Core i9-14900K CPU.

Gigabyte Baseline BIOS setting tanks Intel’s Core i9 performance

Intel's Baseline mode on Gigabyte beta BIOS shows a massive performance reduction, transforming an i9 into an i7.

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