Xbox Series S toaster could actually be a thing

I don't drink coffee, I take tea my dear...

Xbox Series S Toaster

A household kitchen appliance is the last thing to come to mind when thinking about the latest generation of Xbox game consoles. Or is it? An Xbox Series S: Toaster Edition could be making its way to retailers sooner then we might think.

The merchandise team at Microsoft seems to get quite a giggle out of Xbox-branded kitchenware, and if this latest rendered image discovered by French website Xbox Squad is proven to be true, we could get a two-slice lookalike for only €60! Now that’s a toasty deal.

Most notable specs tout the device as having up to six levels of browning settings, that’s “barely heated” to “burned to a crisp,” three modes including bagel, defrost, and cancel, and finally a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

All that toasting action measures 38.3cm x 12cm x 19cm, which we might add is noticeably larger than a standard Series S (27.5cm x 6.5cm x 15cm). Unfortunately, the toaster doesn’t appear to offer one-sided functionality; bummer, Sting would be most disappointed.

Surprisingly, the rumour is not really that farfetched. Many of you may recall the launch of Xbox Series X brought about a mini-fridge that mimicked the exterior design of the rectangular-shaped console, except in a much larger 1.5:1 scale to allow for a 12-pack beverage of your desire. A novelty at best, but an ice-cold collector’s item nonetheless.

Seeing as it’s just rumour for now, there’s no word of release date, though many suggest the device could make an appearance at team Xbox’s next big summer showcase in June. Or, it could be just an early April Fool’s, too early to tell. Struggling to see the funny side? Stick to the regular Series S, it’s an excellent mainstream console.