$3,500 Apple Vision Pro allegedly cracks by itself

Not all it's cracked up to be.

Apple Vision Pro Cracked Front Glass Display.

A user claims that they experienced a nasty hairline crack on their brand-new Apple Vision Pro. You might think it an unfortunate case of accidental damage through handling, but it allegedly cracked without any outside force. A curious case, indeed.

Redditor Dornbirn claims that one night they simply polished the front of their Vision Pro, packed it away with the cover on, and woke up in the morning to find the cracked screen. They say that it wasn’t dropped, nor did it experience any shuffling in the case.

Apple Vision Pro cracked but not dropped by Reddit user Donbirn.

Thankfully, Dornbirn opted for Apple Care+ coverage but felt the need to document the issue just in case it happens to someone without any. With AppleCare, it’ll cost an additional $300 to fix. Without cover, glass repair would cost $800. Either way, that’s no small chump change.

Yet another occurrence

This might be a simple manufacturing issue, and Donbirn hopes that it’s an extremely rare occurrence. However, there has been another report on Reddit with the exact same hairline crack. ContributionFar8997 claims the headset was left connected to the battery pack and stored in its case overnight. Perhaps the warmth produced from charging caused the glass to overheat and crack at its most vulnerable point. Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling without an official investigation from Apple.

Another cracked Apple Vision Pro by ContributionFar8997 via Reddit.

Nonetheless, that marks a total of at least two individuals who have experienced the same problem. Curved displays are incredibly difficult to manufacture, and defects are expected. These might’ve just slipped through quality assurance. However, there does seem to be a pattern forming here. At the very least, Apple needs to be made aware of it.

For now, the users have yet to report the incident to a Genius Bar. So, we’ll have to wait and see if Apple responds in kind. In the best-case scenario, Apple replaces it under warranty, and everyone’s none the wiser. In the worst case, it becomes a long, drawn-out saga similar to Xbox 360’s infamous red ring of death palaver. We’ll keep an eye out if anything changes.