Antec launches NeoECO Gold fully-modular power supply lineup starting at €109

No 12VHPWR connectors. Shame that.

Antec NeoECO Gold

Antec has improved its modular PSU offerings, now including 650W, 750W, and 850W NeoECO Gold models featuring 80 Plus certifications and seven years of warranty. Can’t beat a good power supply, right?

The NeoECO Gold series is available in both black and white colours measuring 150mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 86mm (H). All are made using Japanese capacitors with Half-Bridge LLC design and DC-to-DC topology for improved performance and stability, according to Antec. On the efficiency side, these PSUs have an active PFC and 80 Plus Gold certification rating.

Antec NeoECO Gold - Ports

According to the brand’s website, its highest capacity variant carries two 8-pin CPU power connectors, six 6+2-pin PCIe, ten SATA, five Molex, one FDD, plus the mandatory 24-pin. The 750W and 650W versions drop two PCIe, two SATA and one Molex due to their lower capacity. Unfortunately, there are no 12VHPWR (PCIe 5.0) cables, since the series only follows the ATX 12V 2.4 revision standard from 2013. Note that Antec has added support for the 28-pin (18+10) MBU socket – a sort of 24-pin with two extra 12V pins, from what we understand.

Antec NeoECO Gold - Cables

All models are cooled by a single, 120mm fluid-bearing fan with fan-off mode for silent operation at low loads. While the brand didn’t specify what it meant exactly by low load, we assume, like other brands, it’s 50 per cent. Finally, all the necessary protections like OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OPP, OTP, SIP, and NLO are also present.

The NeoECO Gold lineup starts at €109 and is backed by a seven-year warranty.