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An Antec Core HS handheld (left) next to its carrying case (right)

Antec seeks to challenge Steam Deck with its own handheld PC

Antec and Ayaneo are teaming up to deliver a new Steam Deck competitor, but it's not an entirely new device.

Antec unveils Constellation M-ATX 540 chassis with massive GPU support

Antec announces its Constellation M-ATX chassis supporting 400mm-long graphics cards.
Antec Performance 1 FT

Antec announces Performance 1 FT full-tower case with integrated display and high airflow

Antec launches cooling-focused Performance 1 FT case supporting up to 10 fans and 420mm radiators.
Antec NeoECO Gold

Antec launches NeoECO Gold fully-modular power supply lineup starting at €109

Antec extends NeoECO Gold modular PSU series with 650W, 750W, and 850W capacities.
Antec P20C

Antec announces P20C and P50CE chassis supporting up to 330mm dual-CPU motherboards

Antec launches P20C and P50CE mid-tower chassis with a rear mountable PSU and GPU holder.

Antec introduces refreshed DF800 Flux PC case

Costs less than €100 and comes bundled with five fans.

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