Aparecium! New Lego Harry Potter game looks set for Gamescom reveal

Capturing lightning in a bottle, again.


Attention fellow Potterheads, an unexpected leak suggests another Lego Harry Potter game may be in the works. Hitting close to home, quite literally, an image of Potter in Lego form was briefly teased by Warner Bros South Africa via its official Instagram page before it was quickly taken down.

The news does not seem too farfetched, mind you. Avalanche Studio’s open world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, found tremendous success upon release, proving the “Potter-craze” shows no sign of abating, and it seems that TT games is hard at work attempting to capitalize on the spark in popularity with its very own Lego version. The developer has had quite the run with numerous Lego iterations, of which its most recent title, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, received generally favourable reviews.

According to VGC, the Harry Potter Lego project was confirmed by a person with intricate knowledge of the title, reiterating that it was still in development, though couldn’t confirm if the advertisement was indeed real. The image in question reveals a Lego Harry Potter figurine with the date 8/25/23 scrawled at the bottom, leading credence to an official announcement at Gamescom, which kicks off in Cologne, Germany, on August 23.

Harry Potter and his mates were last seen in Lego form on Xbox 360, with two titles that spanned the boy who lives’ entire Hogwarts schooling career, aptly named Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.

The formula proved so popular that the games were re-released as a bundled collection and ported to the PS4 in 2016, and then yet again for Xbox One and Switch in 2018. And yes, being the in-house Club386 Potterhead, I did at one point in time own both original titles, unashamedly so.

If this rumour does indeed turn out to be true, I am, how can I put it, a bit excited for the prospect of a new HP-inspired videogame on current-gen systems. Lego games might not be faithful recreations of the original source content, but they are fun, tongue-in-cheek titles that seem to capture the magic of said franchise, be it Star Wars, Batman, or Harry Potter for that matter. Who said video games can’t be just pure, unadulterated fun?