Bethesda brings Doom to lawnmowers but for a limited time only

Become the slayer of grass.

Doom is now available on lawnmowers, but there's a major caveat.
Credit: clarencealford

There’s a running joke in the gaming world that basically anything can play Doom. It’s one of the most influential games of all time and still one of the most fun. It’s also one that somehow ends up on just about anything with a screen. That’s why if you’re the owner of a Husqvarna lawnmower, you could well find yourself playing the classic FPS game instead of actually doing your chores.

It’s an absurd concept, but that’s what happens when your lawnmower has a screen and processor. Instead of being the effort of a rogue modder, this is actually an official collaboration with developer Bethesda. It’s cool to see, but it does have a time limit, which I think is a shame. In fact, you’ll only be able to play from April 9 until September 9, 2024. I’m not sure why it’s limited, but my first guess is that it could be a timed license. If you keep your fancy lawnmower offline after downloading it, then you’ll be able to keep it.

Keeping your device offline has its own caveats. While there’ll be no issues playing Doom, we can’t say the same for actually using the lawnmower itself. Presumably, there are regular software updates that are necessary for a really expensive fancy lawnmower to run. We’re not 100%, as fancy lawnmowers are a little out of our price range.

But hey, Doom is the great equalizer. That’s especially true now that it can add lawnmowers to a list of compatible hardware that already includes microwaves, ticket validators, chainsaws, pregnancy tests, and a game within a game, thanks to Minecraft. It’s cool to see, and it’s a fun little promo just after Doom’s 30th anniversary. Who says you need the best graphics card anymore? I’m looking forward to playing Doom on my smart glasses or on a fancy dice set.

If you’re reading that and thinking, “Wait, what, Doom can’t possibly be 30!” then we’ve got news for you. It probably means you’re probably approaching or past middle age. Not that there’s anything wrong with being over 30, of course. It’s just a little unnerving when I still consider games new technology. I might be having a breakdown of self-realisation. Anyway, let us know if you’ll be foregoing your chores in favour of playing Doom on your lawnmower, microwave, taps, or feather duster.