It’s no PipBoy but Elgato’s Fallout streaming gear rocks

Hopefully they've also been irradiated.

Fallout 4 Vault PR featuring limited edition Wave DX mic, Wave XLR mixer, and Wave Mic Arm LP.

In celebration of the new Fallout TV series and the game it’s based on, Elgato unveiled a S.P.E.C.I.A.L-edition collection of Fallout streaming gear. It may not set the world on fire, but it’ll definitely spark a flame in many a fanboy’s heart. Let’s dig in!

The limited edition drop features four products, including the Stream Deck controller, Wave DX microphone, Wave XLR mixer, and Wave Mic Arm LP. They’ve all been given the post-apocalyptic treatment, and the designs are fantastic. The items all feature a rusty RAD green colourway and are finished with Pip-boy and Vault-Tec branding.

Elgato x Fallout Vault Overseer Broadcast Kit.

Besides this, there are a few unique touches that really help capture the in-game lore. In particular, the Stream Deck controller gets custom digital artwork and icons to control your apps and tools. Digital screen savers are available for use when your Stream Deck is idle. It features many memorable Vault-Tec scenes, like Vault Boy in his iconic ‘thumbs up’ pose.

Meanwhile, the Elgato Mic and XLR mixer are also accompanied by free digital assets that upsell the Vault-Tec illusion. You can configure the mic with a voice modifier that adds a post-apocalyptic rasp. I can already picture role-playing as GNR’s Three Dog because who else will keep on fighting the good fight? Finally, there’s a custom UI skin for the XLR mixer to configure settings and presets on your PC.

Surprisingly, all the items are the same price as their standard versions. That’s £149.99 for the Stream Deck, £109.99 for the Wave DX mic, £159.99 for the Wave XLR mixer, and £99.99 for the Mic Arm. Alternatively, you could save up to 10% in caps if you opt for an Overseer Broadcast or Audio Kit. These bundles start at £323.97 and also include a free XLR cable. You need to hurry, as it seems the items are only available while stocks last. Find them all here.