Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 rides again, out this year

Modern Warfare 2 lives again.

Developer Infinity Ward has gone back to roots with this year’s Call of Duty game. Announced on Twitter as Modern Warfare 2 today, the title pays homage to the superb game of the same name released 13 years ago.

Naming makes sense as 2019’s reboot was called Modern Warfare. Since then, we’ve had free-to-play Warzone (2020), Black Ops Cold War (2020), and Vanguard (2021).

Modern Warfare (2022) represents the 19th instalment of the wildly popular first-person shooter franchise. Expected to arrive on PC and consoles in either October or November this year, following the typical release cycle, expect the media blitz to start off in earnest during summer.

2022’s Modern Warfare 2 has a lot to live up to; 2009’s is still considered a bona fide classic, averaging comfortably over 90 per cent on Metacritic’s console rankings.