Cooler Master’s new PSU has enough juice for five RTX 4090s

Things are getting out of control.

Cooler Master X Mighty 2,800W PSU connectors.
Source: Paul's Hardware

Cooler Master has presented its X Mighty power supply series offering up to 2,800W capacity. Using Infineon ICs and an active bridge rectifier, this series also rocks very high efficiency.

The X Mighty delivers 2,800W of power to your machine over a single rail. What! Yep, you heard that right. However, keep in mind that low socket voltages like USA’s 110V are not enough for this capacity. As you can see from Paul’s Hardware, it’s a perfect match for multi-GPU configurations.

To deliver all this power to components, Cooler Master has packed no less than four 12v-2×6 connectors alongside a bunch of SATA and 8-pin cables. That’s 2,400W for GPUs alone, all while being very efficient, rocking an 80 Plus Platinum badge. The series also features a PMBus connection for server management and a USB connection for desktop monitoring. The latter is done using the brand’s MasterCTRL software.

Cooler Master X Mighty 2,800W PSU.
Source: Paul’s Hardware

The X Mighty is clearly meant for multi-GPU workstations. A Threadripper machine with four or five RTX 4090 perhaps. Getting one of these for a gaming machine, no matter what you put inside would be wasteful both in the cost and efficiency sides.

The series also comes with the new ATX 3.1/PCIe 5.1 revision cables, also known as 12V-2×6. These have recessed sense pins to help with the melting issues that were caused by the original 12VHPWR cables.

There is no word as of yet regarding price and availability. We’d recommend you start saving for one now, though, as it most certainly won’t be cheap.