Deal of the day: 4TB Crucial P3 Plus SSD drops to lowest-ever price

High-end storage at mainstream prices.

Compact crucial P3 Plus M.2 SSD with price drop.

4TB Crucial P3 Plus

“The Crucial P3 Plus NVMe SSD delivers load times and data transfers that are 8.9x faster than SATA and 43% faster than the fastest Gen3 SSDs.”

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There’s good news for folk who missed out on incredible SSD deals back in the summer as many of those price drops are reoccurring for Black Friday week.

Hot on the shelves this morning is the 4TB Crucial P3 Plus. Its price has been reduced to £163.99 at Amazon UK. That’s the lowest we’ve seen to date. There’s a similar 17% reduction in the US, where said drive is listed as a $179.99 Black Friday Deal.

While not the absolute quickest by today’s standards, Crucial’s PCIe Gen 4 SSD will hit sequential read and write speeds of up to 5,000MB/s and 4,200MB/s, respectively. There’s also the added benefit of a five-year warranty from a reputable brand, and with 4TB of storage, P3 Plus is ideal as a secondary storage drive.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on SSD deals in the days ahead, but don’t feel the need to wait until Friday as many manufacturers are moving early to maximise the sale event. A number of Crucial models are reduced, and if you’re out of M.2 slots, it’s worth mentioning the tried-and-trusted 4TB MX500, a SATA drive retailing for a new low of £159.99.

4TB Crucial MX500

“Upgrade with the Crucial MX500 SSD, a drive built on quality, speed, and security that’s all backed by helpful service and support.”

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The days of historically low SSD costs are rumoured to be drawing to a close. Now might be an opportune moment to bag an affordable SSD ahead of expected price rises. We’ll be keeping a close eye on PC component deals in what’s sure to be a frantic week. Follow on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date or make it even easier by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.